by Eugene Lopatynsky

At crucifixion you see the apostles disorganized, fleeing and hiding. Almost immediately afterward you see them welded together in strength, and love and absolute resolve. What happened?


You weren't there and I wasn't there. THEY WERE THERE. The Disciples were there. They witnessed the resurrection. They saw, conversed with and even dined with the resurrected Christ!
You think they were easy to convince? Thomas said "I will NOT believe until I have placed my hand into His side and nail scarred hands."

They sacrificed all pursuit of worldly gain, their family life, their personal safety and eventually all were martyred to death. THEY WITNESSED WITH THEIR LIVES AND WITH THEIR DEATHS. They bore witness of Christ's resurrection, the birth of Christianity.

Today a witness testifies before a judge only by WORDS. The Apostles testified with their LIVES.

Nobody will sacrifice himself for his own lies!

What moved those men? Paul was initially the worst enemy Christianity had, till he encountered the resurrected Christ. What convinced him to abandon his previous life, family, position in the Sanhedrin to follow the one he had persecuted? He was whipped, tortured, incarcerated, suffered shipwreck, then had his head cut off. Why would a man deliberately choose this course?

THAT is the Christian witness! By comparison, the disciples of Mohammed, while he still lived, already plotted to murder each other to seize power over each other; and did so. This is how the split of Shia and Sunna in Islam originated. To this day there is mourning over the slaughter among Mohammedans. That is their witness.

The witness, as well as the message of Christianity, is unparalleled.

Not the messenger, only the message is important. Please visit for a surprise.

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