A Cold Memory
by Richard L. Provencher

November's bluster hammers the river
bank - - eroding from windy visits;
like my own faith, tumbling into nothing
but a memory, as a muddy scar on the
clean surface of shore - - and I am startled
of the pickle I'm in, with sins that cling
as signage following me. Days of
youth and Sunday school thankfully
reminds me of the Bible I read
and wonder in my adult age, if I can
capture His attention once again.
Yes I do see His wide smile; and with help
from family and friends; a new me.

Richard enjoys writing poems; many of which have been published in Print and Online. He and his wife, Esther are also co-authors of stories and a print novel. They are "born again" Christians and very busy in their church, Abundant Life Victory International, in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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