Human Power
by Sonja Mattison

We are imperfect humans that strive to be perfect. But, due to our flaws we are not; however by no means does that qualify us to be insignificant, powerless, or weak in any way. We are also NOT "only human." Instead we are "magnificently human" and created with excellence and boldness.

Our own existence is intertwined with a celestial body the Almighty. Through him we are heavenly bodies. Our minds, bodies and spirits are products of the Lord; thus we are empowered. There is no reason for us to believe otherwise.

Through our human power we have the ability to build empires, reach the zenith of our aspirations, and conquer the impossibilities. So, we should take heed of our capabilities without being fearful or doubtful. The power given to us from the Holy Spirit is our entitlement to rise above. If we go beyond the limits using our strength, then we are not limited in any instance. After all, we are human.

Sonja Mattison currently resides in Clarkston, Georgia. She is an inspirational writer and the author of Thoughts of Mattii40. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.

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