Lets Testify
by Janice S Ramkissoon

No papers required:

It's not for the rich, the mighty or the powerful. You don't need to have a picture hanging off the wall that associates you with any club or society. You don't need any form of degree - no masters or bachelor, no Phd. Come just as you are and He will use you.

Time to testify:
If you're a parent you've got the praise for He has brought you through those terribly years.

If you are still married three or more years after your wedding day then you've got the praise. Society only gave you two years but God has delivered you and kept you safe from the hands of the evil one. And He says: "If you trust me with your all, I will see you through each day." Divorce rate increases each year, so without His love and His grace you could have easily been a statistic.

If you are divorced and have recognised where things went wrong and how things could have been different, then you have a testimony to give ,in helping others who may now be in similar situations. You could have the key to saving a marriage.

If you have recovered from an illness, it's time to testify. Did the doctor give you two months to live though years later you are still alive? Recognise God at work and start to give Him praise -- share this story with other believers to let them know that God still heals today. You may be sitting wondering if the illness will re-occur, well, it's time to use what little time you may have left to give God the praise.

Have you lived a life-time of heartache and pain, through every avenue of your life? You've seen it all. Been there! Done that! Bought the t-shirt! And now you can see your way clear and recognised the lessons you've learnt along the way? Well, it's time you share your experiences with the younger generation?

Are you thinking "I'm too old, I leave that to the younger ones." Think again! The younger ones are looking to you for guidance. Years have added knowledge you can pass on and the greys often represent wisdom. Your resting day draws near and you should keep working for the King until that date comes. If you thought you had nothing to give because of your age - think again!

Lets all start working towards the Kingdom by sharing a testimony - lifting up the name of Jesus. Let's begin to give God the praise only He alone deserves.

Copyright 2006 Janice Ramkissoon

Janice, a freelance writer, lives in the UK and enjoys spending time with her husband, Vince and their son, Javin.  She uses her gift to encourage others towards a deeper relationship with God, through her inspirational pieces while her travel articles provide general advice for the holiday-maker.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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