Night Songs
by Linda Jackson

They sing night songs of gloom and fear. At times these songs of night fill even their days. They do not cry out where is God, the maker of all. The One who can heal their songs as they sleep. A God who gives more wisdom to man, more than any beast or bird. They do not say where, oh where is this God, as they sleep and wake in their dark of night. The only hope is turning to the God of Life! The One who gives direction in His love by day, and at night His song will not leave the heart. The song of God. A song of beauty, peace and hope. Lyrics and melodies to fill dreams, to make the night as day. If only they would pray as lights go out, a prayer to remember the first verse of His song of life. Some might think of past times and the joy of seeking the Lord's heart. The peace of their heart as they found Him. Times past before their choices of turmoil. Maybe before the choices of others that broungt nightmares and doubts of a God. The small memory of songs that God whispered as eyes shut in peaceful sleep. The Lord gives a song to His children if they will only call on Him. Ask Him. Cry out for a song of strength. Not only songs of rest will be given but ones of power. One note from heaven can bring the darkness down and the dark one knows this. He hates the Light of Day and the salvation it brings. He hates the song of a forgiven heart. The saints have the Light of the Holy Spirit in their imperfect hearts. Some have hidden corners, that hold dark secrets, that only God knows. As night falls and dreams begin may hearts be lifted and cleaned. May we honor Him with a joyful song. Praising from our mouth. Praise is a double edge sword the enemy hates. It cuts through evil and darkness leaving only a time to rest. A time given to refresh. Do the fallen have a midnight prayer, a midnight song to their god? Does their midnight come in the middle of their day? Praying and singing go hand in hand, hopefully they will listen and understand. If they sing to the Lord a light begins to shine.
The rust encrusted door locking in a
withered heart
Oil of mercy pours on hinges old,
the opening starts
Oil of gladness fills a prison cold,
the flame of this oil warms the soul
The door fallen, once hard and strong
The Holy Spirit answered
He heard their song

Job 35:10-11;Ps 42:8,77:6,118:14,149:5-6,
Acts 16:25

My name is Linda Jackson. I am a blessed wife, mother and grandmother.  I am a Biblical counselor and teacher to women in jail.  I also teach kindergarten Sunday school.  I enjoy writing, playing in the yard with my plants and doing cross stitch while watching football.

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