Should I Stay Or Should I Go
by Stephen Vattimo

Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

Have you ever wonder if you should leave your place of employment? There are many reasons why people want to leave their jobs.
Her are a few situations that might cause someone to consider leaving their place of employment. :
Employer is super hyper sensitive about Politically Corrects speech....
Employer does not give living increases
Employer gives out small raises.
Unequal treatment of employees
No structured job training
Shark pool work place mentality.
The distance between work and home is coast the employee both in time and money.
Now if you are a person who has a personal relationship with God, Then your job is not just a place to work to earn money to pay your bills. God has placed each Christian in the work force, where there needs to be a Christian witness. So when a Christian is at the work place, how they perform their job, how they interact with customers, and fellow worker, determines in the minds of people who are around them if they are religious or they have a real relationship with the True Living God.
Because the work place is inhabited by sinners, there will always be conflict between people, there will be challenging situations, and hardships.
Most of all, no matter what you do for employment, every job will become mundane.
Why would God want His children to work in a place they think they should leave?
God is using the current place of employment and all its challenges, and hardships to grow the Christian into the like ness of Christ.
God allows Christians to face situation that they cannot work out on their own, so that they have to lean on God’s help to accomplish the task. So that God can reveal Himself in a more personable way to the believer as well as to the unbeliever who look on.
If the Christian doesn’t work with God to learn the lesson God is trying to teach them at their current place of employment, then the lesson will rescuer at the next place they work at.
Most of all Christian need to realize that God provides for his children’s needs. A job is a place to serve Christ, and be His hands and feet that Minister God’s Grace, mercy, love toward all mankind.
In hope to draw all men onto Himself for salvation and fellowship.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo Dec 28,2016

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