Jehovah Hasn't Changed A Bit
by Tesse Wilson

Jehovah God is consistent with his word. Jesus revealed his character. God is love. God is also holy, he calls on us to be holy, to be set apart for him. Let us never be misled by personal interpretation /misinterpretation of God's word. The word of God is not subject to such. We must study God's word so we can apply its truths and principles correctly. The word of God is still relevant in this post modern age. It should be in every home, in every heart. There is only one Jesus and one God revealed in the Bible.

The evidence of walking with Jesus is still a changed, transformed life enabled by his spirit, his word and his grace. It is still faith and obedience. Many seek to reinvent Jesus to suit their lifestyle. Many take his words out of context and then use it to whip and condemn his true servants. Many are coming in his name. But let those that have his spirit continue to declare his name, his truth, exhort, rebuke, preach the gospel in season and out of season. Let all things be done in love.


All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her. 

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