Glory Of The Divine
by Stephen Vattimo

Diversity is found in university,
 Flows from the Devine, magnified among every kind
 Shape of eye, size of body, color of hide
 The creativity Of Our Creator will blow your mind

Diversity is found in university,
 The deceiver he is a weaver of webs of lies
 He want nothing good to flourish,
 His’s heart pines for everything created by the Devine to die

He poisons the mind toward diversity,
 Portrays it as a strangling vine
 Of Hate, violence, death

Diversity proclaims the Glory of the Divine

Diversity in color creates art
 Diversity in sound creates music
 Diversity in thought creates poetry
 Celebrate diversity
 It proclaims we are created in the image of the Divine

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
 Feb 27, 2017

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