by Don Pedal

One day, not long ago, I was feeling tired --- not unusual, as we get older. I was not only physically tired but also tired of the battle of life. As I looked at myself and saw my many weaknesses and sins, the daily load seemed unbearable.

I was in my yard and, as I looked down by my feet, I noticed an anthill. The little ants were running back and forth --- up and down this tiny hole. They were very unaware of my presence as they scurried about. Like so many in our world around us, they had no idea that their lives could be snuffed out suddenly and without warning.

It was at that moment that I had the insight totally changing my view of life.

Is there not a Being, looking down on us at this moment, capable of ending our lives --- if He wished to?

Fortunately, that being is God who created us from the dust of the earth. He breathed on us giving us a soul and body capable of knowing we are created in His image. We are the only creatures on earth capable of knowing we are a created being. (sorry gorillas and chimpanzees).

We have been created to, not only love Him but have a personal relationship with Him.

You are probably thinking by now, "Well I am not an ant so what does this have to do with me?"

You may choose the path of indifference. You may think, "Life is good --- I've worked hard all of my life. If they practiced self discipline and made wise choices like I did, they wouldn't be where they are now". You might think, "If I don't take care of myself, who will?" If you feel this way, be very careful. It is said, "Pride goes before the fall". The day may come when you feel emptiness inside indicating the decay of your soul.

You may be thinking, "I am young and have plenty of time. I'll worry about that later". Be very careful here. How do you know you have plenty of time? There are no guarantees that we even have tonight. What if you guess wrong, there is no going back. There is no "Sorry Lord, I made a mistake". Your decision here is critical and will determine if you spend eternity with Our Lord or spend it eternally separated from Him.

If your decision is, "Yes Lord, I want to follow you and serve you the rest of my life", your next move is to go before Him in prayer and ask Him how He wants you to do that. You are a unique human being, created to walk a special path with Him. Your talents and abilities are given to you to do that. We sometimes think that if we enjoy some task it must not be from God --- that is not true. Our greatest joy comes from pleasing God as we walk the path He has planned for us.

As we try to see ahead, we may feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Do not be discouraged! That is no surprise to God. He is ready to strengthen and guide us as we accomplish the work He has planned for us.


We have three choices in life --- yes, no and I will think about it.

If we say yes, we are on our way to the greatest blessings of our life as we serve our living loving God.

If you say no, you might want to reconsider your decision while the choice is still here, now.

If you say, "I will think about it", you are inviting procrastination which can lead to indifference. We begin to feel that we are not that important and become sure that someone else will take care of the problem. God does not bless indifference!

We live on the knife-edge of NOW! Make your decision now! Tomorrow may be too late




As a senior citizen, I am dedicated to serving the Lord through sharing my experiences and insights with other believers. My primary focus is upon being an disciple of Jesus and, in being one, I can help others to find their spiritual way also. 
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