Submit To God's Plan
by Latosha Wilson

There are times in my life when God has lead me to make decisions that did not make sense to those around me, and that I could not see the benefits of. It occurred to me this morning that because God sees All, it means he sees the "bigger picture" that is Me. He knows who I really am, not the version of Tosha that I have spent 39 years building often times in opposition the version he created me to be.
Because of His knowledge of who I was, who I am, and who I will become he leads me to make decisions that are shaping me into the woman of God that He created me to be.

While I am busy focusing on how to manage my "crisis of the day", it dawns on me that God has handled today and has moved ahead into my tomorrow. The decisions that I make that don't make sense in this present time are meant to lay the foundation for the future that God has planned and that I have yet to see. And as I stay in alignment and walk in Faith, I realize that he Moved ahead because he already made provision for today and moved ahead to prepare a place especially for Me within my tomorrow. Thank You Lord for molding me!


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