by Veronica Mello

Our flag will fly 
in glory high 
with colors true, 
red, white and blue 
when you return without harm 
back into America's arms. 
But for now we wait 
in everlasting faith 
and sending out a prayer so true 
that God be there to accompany you. 
In our waiting, anticipating 
times of happy celebrating. 
Home fires will burn 
til you return. 
May eagle's wings steadfast and strong 
carry you home where you belong 
where Old Glory's colors fly, 
where family and friends again are nigh.

By: Veronica Ann - Connecticut

This is a multi-author labor of love.  It is a collection of prayers, poems and letters in support of our military members and their families written with respect and love.  The title of the collection is WITH LOVE AND PRAYERS TO THOSE WHO SERVE.  Each author's name will be included with their indiv

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