The Recipe for Good Success
by Fenny West

GGrowing in the Grace of God
Growing in the Word of God
The Recipe for Good Success
The Panacea for 'God-success'.

8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. (Joshua1:8NKJV)

God gives us a blueprint for Good Success. As it was for Joshua, so it is for us. There are no short cuts. The Word of God must take centre stage in our lives. We must crave for it more than our daily food; study it- not just read it. This means starting with prayer, acknowledging the Author of the Word, asking the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see wonderful, glorious bounties.

It requires underling key words you would otherwise look and yet not perceive or conceive. You must read with an alert mind asking question as you go along; writing things down; pondering on what you have written.

The above scripture tells us that we should not allow the word of God to depart from our MOUTH. This means eat it daily for nourishment; confess it daily over your circumstances. We are also counseled to MEDITATE on it and that means pondering upon what you have read /studied or memorized; regurgitate it like cows do when they chew the cud. Mull over it on your way to work or school/college/university or when youre doing the chores or in the bath.

How often are we to do this? Not once a week on Sundays but DAY and NIGHT. This means consistently. Carry it in your heart, via CDs, MP3s or MP4, cassette. As you wait for the bus or train, ponder over the word, listen to it; sing it along the way.

I have discovered that singing the scriptures is a very good way of memorizing the Word.
Why are we majoring on the word of God? We are, so that you will OBSERVE to do Observation of the word requires careful, painstaking, inquisitive reading. There many side roads running off my road. I have lived in the area for a long time. But unless I carefully observe these side streets, I would not know them by name, let alone observing other features, regardless of how often I see them. Seeing is not perceiving or observing. Observation takes extra effort, attention and focus.

We are not just observing for the sake of it; we are observing to DO. Unless we do the Word, practice it, apply it to our daily walk with God, it does not do us any good. What use is soap unless it is used? We are enjoined to be DOERS of the word and not just hearers only. (James 1:22,KJV Jos1:8, John8:32) As we apply the Word, we prove that it is true and that it works. And this encourages us further to apply it more often; we have a testimony as it were.
Notice the scripture also says, Do ALL. We are not to pick and choose what part of the word we obey. (James 2:10) We must be open to embrace the whole counsel of God.

Just like some vegetables may not be palatable to our taste-buds and yet good for us, that is how the Word of God is. It may not sound good as God rebukes us in His Word but we need the rebuke as well as the comfort and we must be ready for whatever the Holy Spirit underlines during our time of devotion or anytime we are pondering on the Word. Remember: he rebukes or disciplines those He loves as you would do the child you love.(Heb.12:6)

What we have considered is the key to prosperity. It is true that this word has been abused and triggers different images in peoples mind these days, but we must see it as God sees it. There is a purpose in anything God ordains. He wants us to be successful. (IJohn2:3, Psalm1:1-3) He delights in the prosperity of His servants. (Psalm35:27.You will make yourself successful as you heed to the blue-print. God has done His part. It is now up to you-and I-not up to Him. He has done His part and if you will do your part as you look up to Him, it shall surely come to pass. What? Good Success!
Notice again that, if you have Good Success, then there is a bad success. What then is Good Success?

First of all, success is the progressive accomplishment of your God-given vision. It follows that you can be successful in the eyes of the world and yet be a failure in the eyes of God. You may be operating in a vision, dream or assignment that you like which is not the calling of God for your life. You may be successful in amassing the good things of life with a fat bank balance, houses and stocks everywhere ignoring your Maker. This surely is bad success. It leads you to a road that seems good but at the end of that road is gloom, doom and hell itself.

God wants you to have Good Success so that you realize He created you to give Him pleasure; you live for His plans and purposes for your life. He wants to have communion with you daily; increase His intimacy with you from glory to glory; have the final say in your relationships, finance, career and everything you involve yourself in; finding out His plan for your life and progressively achieving what He created you for.


The Word! the Word!!, the Word!!!

Are you ready for it?

Let us pray:
Dear Father, my Maker and my God, I acknowledge you today even as I have looked at this Word afresh. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the riches of your Word. Truly Your Word is more than gold. It is a light to my path and lamp to my feet. I love it more than my necessary food.
Rekindle my love for your Word, Lord and open my eyes to comprehend the length and breadth, height and depth of our love for me. O that I will have no shadow of a doubt about your plans and purpose for my life and begin to apply myself in progressively accomplishing it.
I thank You, Holy Father, that Jesus has paid for my Success and Good success at that. May I be found at the centre of Your will for me, in Jesus name. Amen

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