by linzy bruno

I gave my life to the Lord at the unlikely age of eight and a half. My story begins with my devoted mother dragging me and my siblings to church every Sunday, while our dad worked on projects around the house. We would try to play quietly, but end up giggling or arguing and therefore, getting intermittently shushed by our mother. I know I didn't learn a thing about God, but somehow faith still managed to find its way in and before long; I was praying those life changing words: 'I accept Jesus as my Savior. Jesus, I know You died for my sins and I can't wait to see Your beautiful face one day in heaven.

Several months later; I was stricken with a severe illness that resulted in a dangerously high fever. I guess the doctor said it was the flu (?) Back in those days (the early nineteen seventies); doctors unknowingly gave some bad advice. I didn't find this out until years later of course; that being said my fever soared to over 104 degrees. My well-meaning mother piled, I think it was five blankets upon me. I asked her what she was doing and she told me the doctor said to make me "sweat it out" and the fever would leave very soon.

Well it didn't leave as quickly as predicted. A day or so later; I started having hallucinations, like floating sequin pillows and my dog getting bigger and then smaller and I'm talking every second she would change; it was sort of like a feeling of losing one's mind, with everything going haywire just before death. I also recall extreme weakness and sleeping a big part of the day and night. This went on for several more days. Then miraculously; I awoke one morning completely well.

I lay there in my bed, staring at nothing in particular; relieved that the day had finally arrived when I could actually stay out of bed longer than the few minutes it took my mother to change my sheets, when out of the nothingness; Jesus appeared! He hovered over my head, staring into my eyes. I stared back into His and the most amazing peace came over me, which I will remember forever. He was wearing a long, flowing white robe and there was a glowing light that surrounded Him. It was the most breath-taking site I'd ever seen (even to this day) and even more beautiful than fireworks!

I stayed in a still-frame type feeling for a few minutes; mesmerized and then I realized what was happening! God sent Jesus for my eyes to see so I would know that it was Him who healed me, not the doctor's advice or even my mother's tender loving care. Another thing that I didn't realize until years later; He waited for me to be well so as to not confuse my child-like mind into thinking this was just another illusion. He said not a word and then disappeared back into the nothingness, but I was changed forever.

Now that I'm grown; I realize I would have died without Jesus and I'm thrilled He let me know! I also learned that I was in danger of seizures setting in, had the fever not left when it did. Like any good E.M.T. Jesus wanted me to know He was there; healing me and checking on my progress, until I was completely restored.

And even when illness or injuries strike me today; I rely on the Lord. And since God has called me to glorify Him through my writing; I'm also thrilled for this opportunity to share the glorious news: Jesus heals us and saves us, so let us rest in and rejoice in that knowledge!

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I have been writing for many years. I really got serious when my 3 kids were still quite young, as they inspired me to write children's fiction. I now have 21 Amazon publications. Also, I've just completed a Bible study course. Now I plan to go hard copy with my books, when I get the funds!

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