A Testimony: What I Have Learned So Far
by lareina morgan

I wanted to give a personal testimony on what has happened in my life on a spiritual level. The Lord has been wonderful to me, gracious and merciful. He has given me a reason to keep on going in this life, which is to love the one person who loves me with all of His heart and soul, Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for my sins, to give me new life and an awesome future with Him, forever and ever, in love, peace, and joy!

Life has not been easy recently, and I would not have survived at all without His love and protection. He told me last year to start a blog, to write down everything I had in my heart, to use what God has given me to express His love for me and for all of His children, and it has helped me so much, for whatever the Lord gives me to say has also blessed me, and has changed me spiritually and emotionally. I have gone over some of my past posts, and I can't believe these words came out of me!

My writing skills are not perfect, I never studied to become a writer, I make mistakes, but what I write comes from a love of God, and a need to express what He has put into my heart. Every feeling He has put into me, I write about because I know He wants to me show the world what He means to me!

This is what I have learned recently:

1. The daily devotional time with God has paid off: I learned to make time with God everyday (prayer, reading the bible, praise and worship) because of what I have learned from other christians, through writings, shows and videos, and what they have taught me to do is working. I know for a fact that my inner life has changed. I am more confident, I have lost a lot of fears and anxieties, I learned to trust Him more and lean into His love and His will for my life. This is something that happened gradually, and has kept me going despite my circumstances.

2. Healings - I have been healed many times when symptoms occured, and I learned to come to Jesus first, when symptoms manifest themselves in my body, some were as simple as headaches and as important as knee problems that could have affected the rest of my life, all types of fevers and viruses. Staying in the word daily and declaring healing scriptures over my body has helped me to be healthy and to remain positive when fear tries to come back into my heart.

3. The Blood of Jesus - I have often heard from other christians that pleading the Blood of Jesus over your life and your circumstances work, and I have to agree. I have done so and I feel positive results in my mind, in my heart, and in my life. Never underestimate the power of the Blood of the Lamb, for it is that Blood that saves us, and cleanses us from all of our sins; the devil and his demons cannot stand against the Blood of the Lamb, so while you are declaring bible verses over your issues and healing scriptures over your symptoms, don't forget to claim the Blood of Jesus over your life!

4. Practicing Daily Communion - I come from christian denominations that did not take communion everyday, and so the concept was a foreign one to me, but some christians are declaring the many benefits of daily communion. It focuses your heart and mind to Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice on the cross; I am more motivated to the christian walk, and I see this as more than a religious ritual, but a loving gesture by my Lord Jesus Christ, His passionate need to share His heart, soul, and blood for me as He allowed Himself to be sacrificed on the cross at calvary.

People who take daily communion report healings of the body and the mind; some are instant healings and some are progressive healings. I do recommend that you try this when you start to have symptoms in your body, or when the doctor comes back with a bad report. I know that I am feeling much better since I started to do this and I feel that it is added protection for me as I go about living my life in Him.

5. Rise and Sunset Prayer - I learned from other christians to do these prayers, say a prayer when I wake up in the morning, and say a prayer when I lie down to sleep. This is not a great revelation, because many christians do this, in fact many people were raised to do the prayer before you go to bed. I was raised to do the sunset prayer; what was different is how I prayed it and what I prayed for. I learned to pray as I woke up a simple prayer of hope, love, and dedication - I dedicated the day to the Lord, I asked Him to be with me and to help me to be a better christian, and anything that I was thinking about at that time, some issue.

At night, I prayed for His protection against spiritual warfare from evil spirits, and asked for dreams of revelation about God, sweet dreams of love and revelation, and this is what happened: It started my day well and gave me the motivation to be do better, to be better and I was focused on the fact that this day is a gift from God, and that everyday I live is a gift from the Lord, it's not about me, it's about Him! The simple prayer of protection and guidance at night helped me tremendously, my dreams were sweeter, and He spoke more revelations to me in my heart, and I know longer had anxiety dreams.

These prayers are simple and takes less than a minute of my time, but I have found that they are very powerful!

I can say that it has been a wonderful experience getting to know my God, and how much He loves me, and if you know my Lord Jesus like I do, I know that you can say the same things too!

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