Dearly Departed
by PamFord Davis

Memories of the dearly departed often surface with melancholy. Some might lapse into loneliness or have a sudden urge to cry. Instead, I experienced joy this morning; let me explain.

I saw (with the ability of recall) smiles upon the faces of my Mom, Dad and sister Donna. How can I describe that? Such beauty is beyond adjectives. If a picture is worth 1,000 words those smiles were worth a million. Their smiles made me feel happy.

Parents of newborns find delight in the first smiles of their babies. As they grow, parents and grandparents capture countless smiles of photogenic progeny in snapshots and portraits. Time passes… Families cherish memories of graduation days, weddings and anniversaries. Smiles marked the days.

Imagine a smile on the face of our heavenly Father.

“The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee (Numbers 6:25 NKJV).”

Witness His Shekinah glory and presence...

Devotionals are her first love in writing. Published articles in Mature Living Magazine, Devotions for the Deaf, The Secret Place, Light from the Word, Coosa Journal, With God Daily, Mary Hollingsworth's The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter.

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