Baby Bounce
by PamFord Davis

“For thus says the Lord:

‘Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river,
And the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream.
Then you shall feed;
On her sides shall you be carried,
And be dandled on her knees.
As one whom his mother comforts,
So I will comfort you;
And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem (Isaiah 66:12-13 NKJV).”

Infants love to be bounced on the lap or knee of a loving caregiver. My favorite… I cross my legs at the knees, place the child atop my right foot. Holding them upright by their hands, I begin bouncing my leg. 

Children love the rides!

My Grandpa Ford sang a catchy tune as he bounced me.

“To market, to market to buy a fat pig;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.”

('To Market-to Market'/Originally in compact form in the ‘Songs for the Nursery’ collection/1805)

I’ve frequently found myself saying ‘Home again, home again jiggety-jig’ after running errands and returning home. Little did Grandpa know what a lasting impact he had on little Pammy Sue.

Devotionals are her first love in writing. Published articles in Mature Living Magazine, Devotions for the Deaf, The Secret Place, Light from the Word, Coosa Journal, With God Daily, Mary Hollingsworth's The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter.

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