by Olawale Ogunsola


     A tithe is a tenth or ten percent of all incomes of a Believer from a Godly source. Tithes and offerings have been a source of needless debate within and outside Christendom. The enemies of the gospel within and without as well as ignorant believers are responsible for the argument.

     If a ten percent makes certain people uncomfortable, what will they say or do for a greater percentage?

     Let me restate here that the backbone of a lasting relationship, the wrongdoing of a lasting relationship between God and mankind (now believers) is OBEDIENCE.

     In the garden of Eden, the wrongdoing of Adam and Eve was their transgressing God’s DO NOT. The consequences of their disobedience reigns until today, most especially in the lives of those who fail to declare their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

     In the same vein today, whoever disobeys the Lord’s commands will pay the penalty; whoever obeys His instructions will reap the benefits.

     So was it with a man God.

     A few decades ago, a man of God, now gone in the way of all flesh, was instructed by the Lord his God to pay Him a seventy percent of all his income for a particular year. The Lord gave His servant this instruction on the 31 December of a year; the obedience was to begin on the first of January the following year.

     This servant of God obeyed Him faithfully throughout that year. He made payment of ninety percent of all incomes without any grumbling, complaining or murmuring.

     On the 31 of December of that year of obedience, the Lord spoke to him that He sould show Him a particular building he loves to own and that He would build him one.

     On the first of the January, following the year, he went round the city to choose a building he wanted the Lord to build him. The Lord fulfilled His promise of building such a house for him.

     Not only this, his entire life displayed opulence. He was very comfortable. His ministry was blessed and he became one of the prominent ministers of God in his country and beyond.

     Let me state here that I am not saying that he became a great man of God because of his only obedience to payment of ninety percent of all his income for a year but obedience to laws of righteousness.

     Therefore, his story should convince whoever cares to obey every instruction of the Lord. The rewards are certain and great.

     If you see tithes as too small to give to serve the Lord, increase it. Give to Him in the lives of His servants. Serve the Lord in the lives of others and through His work. Nothing is too small or big to give to serve Him.

     Note well the words of the Lord and the end of a rich fool in Luke 12:15, 20-21,

     “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for

     One’s life does not consist in the abundance of

     The things he possesses…

     Fool! This night your soul will be required of you: then

    Whose will those things be which you have provided?”

     So is he who lays up treasures for himself, and is not

     Rich toward God.”   NKJV

     Be rich toward your Creator. Nothing is too big to be given to Him. He owns all things. If He now gives you part of what He has, it is a test. To pass it, give everything back to Him. Be rich toward God.

     Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Every Scriptures quoted are from New King James Version of the Holy Bible.


The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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