The Pen Fountain
by theburningbushboy Solanke

The Pen Fountain

-          Burning Bush Boy

I am aware it can be really lonely in your study, but be rest assured that the river flowing through your pen is doing the needful in the lives of people in contact with it.

While the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:10-14) looked docile and not actively involved in ministry, so to say, its river parted to give respite to the souls of men in four different distant lands. Nobody could deny the relief the waters brought them and in one voice, they appreciated the garden for choosing not to dam its waters.

But their combined voice of appreciation didn’t get to the garden. Nobody contacted the garden to personally appreciate its efforts. Yet, without being able to measure its own contributions to life, this garden went on releasing its waters. It sent waters to everywhere that lives must be sustained.

Dear Christian writer, I know you have quiet and lonely moments in your garden, seeking God’s face for inspiration. You have a lot of your writings flowing out of your garden without the knowledge of the geographical direction and distance they are covering or have covered. Can anyone truly measure the spiritual impact of your water in the lives of men? I doubt!

Nonetheless, while the feedback of the exploit of your water may appear to elude you, be confident of this -Pure water is rarely ignored by any. The thirsty will always seek to drink. The dirty will seek to wash. The leprous is still seeking to be cleansed. Seeds (visions and inspirations) will ever need water to germinate. There will always be no life without water.

Many of these lives may never have the means of tracing the water back to your garden, but I know they are grateful that you released your content to flow out to them.

So, keep writing as inspired by the Holy Spirit and keep creating channels for the water to flow out. Let us open up the floodgates and avoid loneliness, laziness, carelessness and frustration from building dams around us. Never forget that there are lives waiting for the water from your pen to survive the prevailing famine. Let your pen be a fountain of grace. (Amos 8:11)

Burning Bush Boy (Moses Ayodeji Solanke) is a Snr Editor with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) and also a Christian Writer/Blogger - He has great passion for enhancing the Christendom with media tools. He is married with three children. Email:[email protected]

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