Jesus Cares About You
by Tesse Wilson


He cares, yes Jesus cares
He cares about the pain you feel
He cares about the anxiety
He cares that you feel unloved and so alone
He cares about your broken heart
He is concern about that situation in your home
He is concern that you are facing tough circumstances on your own
He is offering his help, he does not want you to face it alone
He is concern that you lost your job, failed your exam, cannot
meet your mortgage payments and other financial obligations
He is concern that you are having difficulty finding work


He is concern that you are not coping with life's many challenges
He is concern about the pressures you face on your job
He is concern that the turnover is slow at your business
He is concern about the unreasonable expectations placed upon you
He is concern that you are becoming the way society has labeled you
Does Jesus care?
Oh, he cares

He is concern that you feel frustrated most of the times
Jesus is calling out to you who are burdened and depressed
Jesus is urging you to cast all your cares, worries, and your stress upon him
Cast your concerns about the situation at home
Cast your concerns about your family
Cast your health concerns
Cast your fears about meeting your financial obligations
Cast your dreams, ambitions, and aspirations
Cast every worry upon on Jesus
Jesus loves you, he cares about you and he is willing to help you

Would everything be fixed immediately?
It may not
But understand this Beloved; Jesus wants to walk through this valley with you
First, he wants to infuse his peace into your heart and soul
So you can walk to victory
Keep this in mind; you would not be walking alone
God's Spirit, his angels will come alongside you to strengthen you
Jesus wants you to experience victory so, he will equip you with
all you need to triumph over negative situations
He is teaching you to be an overcomer
If only you can see yourself through his eyes
He sees a victor inside of you
Come forth and overcome
Jesus is giving you his strength now
Beloved, at this moment; receive his peace into your heart
Let him comfort you
Let him breathe on you, let the breath of the Lord now breathe on you
Shalom! Receive it!

By Tesse Wilson


All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her. 

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