Clued in To Writing with Jeopardy
by Marlene Mesot

Setting up a mystery with proper and fair clues takes skill. It is probably harder for the all-knowing writer, seeing the whole picture, who must take the pieces apart for the reader to find clues and put it back together. The reader is the fresh, unknowing eye upon the puzzle. The reader is not clueless however. Take an example from the quiz show Jeopardy.

If you have at least some idea of the topic of the question, the skilled writers of Jeopardy’s clues have added a subtle hint to the second part of each question to help the contestant, reader, figure it out. Novels are the same way. Skilled writers place subtle clues along the way hinting at the resolution to the story. 

I was clued in to one such story because I am an animal lover and have some knowledge of dog’s behavior. Written in Bone by Simon Beckett happened to be the novel where I picked up on the subtle clue. But, I was totally clueless and never saw the surprise ending in The Worst Thing by Aaron Elkins. 

God is the Author of the greatest story ever told. Those of us who are believers and have the understanding of the Holy Spirit are clued in to the message of the Bible. Even though God’s message is all around us in nature, the sky, ourselves and our behaviors, unbelievers are clueless, without help. 



Christian mystery romance author, only child, legally blind & hearing aid user.

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