Merry Christmas
by Sonja Mattison

Today is a day of peace and harmony that we should rejoice in forever. It is also a day not to mask our pain, but to forget it, leave it behind, and celebrate it with the love of Christ Jesus. Through his birth, this day is a day to be remembered as it is the renunciation of God’s love, and endless love through his blood.

          Because of our Savior, we can lift our hands with praise because he has bestowed his grace upon us. This is a day to never to forget, and carry throughout our daily lives. Every day we are restored by his guidance and forgiveness.

          We can walk in faith on earth while he watches over us from heaven, so when suffering, and trials impose themselves upon us, we can be thankful for Christ, who saves us from them. Christ is all of God, the love of all, and loves all. Lastly, he is the representing spirit of our Sacred Father to be praised, and celebrated on this day.

Merry Christmas

Sonja Mattison currently resides in Clarkston, Georgia. She is an inspirational writer and the author of Thoughts of Mattii40. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.

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