The Message
by Steven Woods

The earth’s expert psychologists have long maintained that human beings utilize approximately ten percent of their brain power at any given time.


The message He is giving all of you regarding my near-drowning in Japan so many years ago is a powerful message indeed!  The mountain lake where I almost drowned was thirty feet deep and crystal-clear all the way to the bottom.  The symbolism of the water where Satan almost took me away from the earth that night so long ago, expresses that each and everyone’s mind is symbolic of the water.


If you believe in God and do not let go, He allows you to use more and more of your mind to help Him in His fight against Satan’s power.  The more you let God into your heart, the easier it is to ward off Satan’s temptations.


This gift is given from God to all of you and is not meant just for me!  This is not about me at all, it is about Him and how He can use us for this powerful struggle.


We must grow in numbers each day, each hour, each second – and as we grow and multiply, the forces of evil will recede, and goodness will finally begin to take a foothold.  There will be a new beginning and there will never be an end!  This is the key – this is our starting point on our road to salvation.


Please people please!  I am going to beg everyone I can from this day forward to just try to open up your minds and listen!  If you just listen, the answer is there for you.


Self-absorption, alcohol, and drugs are all one in the same.  They are all the tools of Satan.  We must eliminate these tools from this earth once and for all.  It is our only hope because Satan never rests.  He is always helping to create new destructive tools – more powerful tools!  Therefore, we must rise to this constant challenge – not just occasionally, not just when we feel like it, but we must somehow find the courage through God’s love and understanding and patience – to work at this each and every second of each and every day.


That is the symbolism of the water.  Everything becomes so crystal-clear if we just let go!  God of mercy and might, we will not let You down!


Go out into the world and spread the good news.  Do not be afraid to be ridiculed by the non-believers – as there are many among us.  We cannot afford to let our guard down even for one second of time.  Continue in your efforts, never hesitating, never tiring from your task – and the day will come when our bars and taverns are closing, and our churches are overflowing.


If we continue to work hard and focus, God’s tools are more powerful than Satan’s tools.  Any artificial stimulation pales in comparison to the stimulation we are all allowed to experience if we just simply, slowly listen reflectively and faithfully, without question, and follow God’s path for all of our remaining days here on earth.  Your reward will be your eternal salvation!

I am Steven Woods. I believe that Jesus revealed to me that I am His Advocate.  He has been speaking to me all my life, but I didn't realize it was Him until He lead me to John 16:7 - 16:15 during an ice storm in January 2017. I want to lead a Christian Revolution.  I have much more already written.

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