The Stoning of Saint Stephen
by Fenny West

The Stoning of Saint Stephen
a man who was sold out to God
Faithful, Spirit filled, one of seven.
Saturated by the Word of God.

He spoke the word with boldness
Religious fanatics could not stand
Told them their wrongs in frankness
His heart they failed to understand

They carried Stephen like a cargo,
Dumped him helpless by the wall
Hurled stones on him like a foe;
But he prayed for them in it all.

Like Jesus, 'Father, forgive them.
They know not what they do.'
So he prayed as his breath they stemmed
In fury as a pack of hounds do.

Persecuted today like Stephen?
Stand to see God's salvation
Have you been hurled into prison?
Look to the God of very nation.

He is interceding for you.
Your troubles will lift you up.
God will bring you through.
When your back is down you can only look up.

Acts 6:1 to Acts 8:2

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