by Eugene Lopatynsky

Have you seen persecutions of Christians in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”? What do you suppose is coming next? Anybody hear what they did to Kent Hovind? Look it up on the internet.

Ironically, it is THE PASTORS, YOUR PASTORS, and the “pretend churches” who BEAR MUCH OF THE BLAME AND THE SHAME OF WHAT’S HAPPENING. Nearly all pastors are happily receiving a BRIBE of tax-free status to remain silent and never participate in ELECTIONS OR POLITICS. If a “Pastor”
preaches the truth to his parishioners, which any intelligent being must have in order to vote intelligently, he forfeits his tax exemption.

These pretend “pastors” have accepted the idiotic lie and illusion of “separation of church and state”, BECAUSE OF THE MONEY THEY GET TO KEEP, without taxation, without interference! They know this is only a false, a one-way only, “separation”. The “State” becomes free from all influence of the church. But the church is never permitted to become free from the influence of the State.

However, these Pastors did manage to accomplish something. Nearly all of them managed to demand TITHING, one tenth of your received income! There is NO TITHING in our New Testament, neither do we have a whole tribe of LEVITES (disinherited) to support. Now, the money to provide a livelihood of a whole tribe or a multitude of Levites goes to support ONE pseudo pastor? For evidence check “Tithing Dishonest?” in www.remnantonly.info, under ‘Danger’ on bar. Some “Pastors” have been known to own private jets and private airports out of the bitter poverty of many of their parishioners.

How about “Pick up your cross and follow me”? Was that only for laity? It does not apply to Pastors?

It becomes obvious that some “Pastors” don’t even believe in God. They are there for the easy and free money, independent, without actually any need for working like the rest of us, at all.

But there certainly are also others believing in God but awfully disobedient. Listen, Kids. The end for any of us is NOT far away. And the “end” is forever. The stake really is also YOUR own eternal future. If you can believe in Christ Jesus and eternal justice, then clean up this mess as possible. Invite the Lord Jesus again to be your Lord and not a money bag for you. Help your parishioners at the polls. It should delay for some time the coming persecutions. Don’t expect to get rich, except spiritually. Stop lying. Tell everybody your needs and projects and they will respond. Paul never accepted any money or help from anybody and he managed to live a very happy, very fruitful life in the midst of extreme hazard.  

Put God first and live for Him.  Or is that too much to ask a pastor?                           


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