by Lupie Riley

Freelance writer Lupie Riley

Thought: There are over 6,000 Christian churches in the US and each one with a different title or denominational name. Do they fellowship with each other as one body, sadly no! Even though at the core of their faith they believe the same fundamentals but their own doctrinal interpretations separate them from other believers who adhere to the same beliefs about God. Those fundamentals of faith are based on the deity of Christ (God in a human body), his virgin birth, his crucifixion and resurrection and his soon coming as King.

We should recognize and accept that every born again believer belongs in God’s spiritual church which is the body of Christ. We are all connected to each other no matter what title of the established church we attend. Most of the world’s churches today have lost the true meaning of “One in Christ”. They are consumed with the secular idea that success means high membership roles, magnificent architectural wonders costing millions of dollars to build, talented musicians and tithing so their leaders can live the good life. The true purpose of church (body of Christ) has been lost in the appeal of the world’s concept of church. Do Baptist believers fellowship with their sisters and brothers in the Methodist church? How about Catholics and Lutherans? There are those in every one of the 6,000 churches who have a personal relationship with Jesus and that makes them family.

If Christian churches would return to God’s command that we love one another we would once again see God’s hand at work like in the days of old. Prayers would be answered for loved ones, healings would take place and revivals would once again rise up in this wonderful country called America. Unity creates strength, separatism results in the splintering of Gods body into 6,000 pieces
hindering the work that he would like to accomplish within believers and the true church.
Are we willing to treat others of the faith that go by a different title as our spiritual family or continue on as we do in today’s world?

Prayer: Father God, help us all who are part of your family to treat each other as one in Jesus. Your command is to love another and that’s what the world so desperately needs right now. Amen

Verse: Eph. 2:19,21-22 “Now you are no longer strangers to God and foreigners to heaven, but you are members of God’s very own family, citizens of God’s country and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian. We who believe are carefully joined together with Christ as parts of a beautiful, constantly growing temple of God. And you also are joined with him and with each other by the Spirit, and are part of this dwelling place of God.”


Married 58 years, four children, nine grandchildren and two great.  I've been a freelance writer for over 40 years.  Working on a book at the present.  My priorities are God first, husband, family, country.

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