Do You Want Peace?
by Gwenyth Frear

Proverbs One, Verses 1:20-33                                              

This is a serious warning indeed! The wisdom of God calls out to every person to “TAKE HEED!” “LISTEN!”  “ACT NOW!”

What could be more plain than the warning above? Those who respond to it are wise; those who don’t are foolish, scorners and simpletons! God has done everything in His power to save people from their sins…..all they have to do is to tell Him they accept His invitation or else suffer the consequences. Those who don’t believe the Son of God, will not see life, but God’s wrath (anger) will stay with them for ever. Just as a child who disobeys and gets burned in touching a hot stove, so the soul who disobeys God will suffer the fires of God’s wrath for ever.

       God says, “I called you and you wouldn’t listen…’ve ignored me continually and despised My Word while there was time, and why should I hear you now?” Why indeed? The principle of cause and effect works just the same for a believer as for a non-believer in enjoying the peace of God…..if a believer obeys God’s word, he will reap the fruit of the Spirit ( love, joy, peace etc); if he sows to the flesh, he will reap the consequences of  that life style (which includes lack of peace and joy)

The soul who ignores His God’s sweet call,

Will reap results of man’s hard fall;

 To respond will bring God’s great rewards,

Of love and peace which He  affords.



God’s Word will never take you, where God’s grace can’t safely keep you!


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