Presuppositions and Biblical Creation Account
by Robert Driskell

A presupposition is something assumed beforehand. Presuppositions, even among Christian theologians, in multiple ways affect the possible interpretations of the Genesis creation record (as evidenced by the fact that I, because I believe Genesis to be literal history, call it the “Genesis record” while others would call it the “Genesis story” or “Genesis tale”). These presuppositions affect how we view the original audience of Genesis also: if we believe they were less intelligent than ourselves, possibly little more than the stereotypical ‘caveman’, then there is a tendency to see the Genesis record as having been ‘dumbed down’ to accommodate their lesser mental capacity. However, if we view mankind as perfectly created by God, then it is entirely possible that mankind was more intelligent in the past than we are now, due to the effect of sin on humanity for many long years. That is not to say that we aren’t technologically more advanced; it is to say that our thinking, along with every other aspect of our existence, has been damaged by the effects of sin.

Another issue affecting how we interpret the first chapters of Genesis is how we think the Genesis record came to exist in its current form. Some believe that the ‘stories’ were passed along verbally (because early man could not write) until someone (at a later date, with the ability to write) gathered them together into a group.

However, another possibility is that God created man with the ability to write from the beginning. If we believe the Creation record, we believe God created mankind with the ability to communicate with Him in some form or fashion. Why do we limit God’s creative expression by saying that He would create humans without the ability to write or, some would even say, speak? The only reason I can see for this limiting is that we place the opinion of secular scientists, who say man evolved from stupid brute animals that could not speak, read, or write, above God’s Word. We allow the opinions of man to color our thinking about God and His character, and His abilities. The naturalistic theory of evolution has so saturated our worldview that we allow it to guide, not only our interpretation of the Bible, but even our view of who God’s character, attributes, and purposes.

Neither the fossil record, genetics, nor dating methods support evolution. The fossil record does not contain the kind of evidence that would be found if evolution were true. Additional information would have to be added to our genetic make up for evolution to take place, this is not the case. Long age dating methods rely on far too many assumptions for them to be accurate or trustworthy.

Both young earth creation and evolution are beliefs that must be held by faith. The theory of evolution is the theory of our beginnings without God’s involvement. Creation says that God created everything. The unproven theories of man should not cause us to doubt the Word of God…ever!!

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