Father, I Come
by Fenny West

Father, I come to Your throne of Grace this day,
Acknowledging that I am a sinner.
I have strayed from Your path, wandered away.
I come on bended knees, hear my prayer.

Forgive me, Lord, cleanse me from unrighteousness.
I am sorry for all my transgressions.
Receive me today, show me your loving kindness.
Blot my iniquities, rid me of condemnation.

Without shame, I confess that Jesus died for me;
Without Him, I am lost and without hope.
I open my heart, come in. Show me Your glory.
Lift my burden; let Your light shine, God of Hope.

I belong to You- spirit, soul and body.
Give me a New Start, write my name in Your Book of Life.
Thank You for forgiveness and for accepting me.
I am born again; past from death to life.

Glory be to God!

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