by Eugene Lopatynsky

Our HOLY days, once holy, are disappearing?

During Thanksgiving we stuff a turkey, then we stuff ourselves till the cheeks (and other things) bulge out. How does that give thanks? And to whom?

If you really want to thank God, to give something to our loving father, why not give Him something He can use? Like obedience, DO NOT LIE, DO NOT STEAL, DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN LIKE YOURSELF, and so on?

Also how about plans to study the Bible regularly? It is Gods light upon our path.

Consider that every law God gives is never for the benefit of God. It is always for the benefit of man and the society of man. We have a colossal treasure, a happiness and, eventually, a life everlasting in our Heavenly Father, who loves us and ransoms us from uttermost destruction.

Why not give thanks (every day) directly to Him?

Not the messenger, only the message is important. Please visit for a surprise.

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