Don't Drown, America
by John Owens

The 2018 mid-term elections are finally over – and still there is no solid victory. The threats and accusations continue from both sides with widespread anger being fueled by news media.

On my treadmill this morning, my eyes were fixed on Psalm 34, verse 6, open before me: “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.”

I remember my early lifeguard training which was to watch out when you swim out to save a man (without a rescue float), if he is wildly thrashing around. He is liable to grab you and take you both down. Wait until he gives up, then come in underwater from behind and work your way up until you can get him in a cross-chest carry and side-stroke him to safety.

What is it to be poor in spirit, to qualify for God’s help? Is it to be like a drowning man? I think of those who have suffered tragedy. Was there anger and rebellion in their eyes? In some cases; but when everything is gone, the look is usually desperate. And this seems to be the prime place to be when needing help – the kind that God is waiting to give.

Lifeguards are told they can see it in the swimmer’s eyes when he is truly ready for help.

Is America ready for help? Or is it like the Laodicean church in Revelation that claims it is rich, in need of nothing?

I see a lot of thrashing in the water, even by those reported to be experienced swimmers. Beware of undertows likely to catch those who disregard the warning signs and have no fear of the Lord. In a short time their voices will no longer be heard. Will their final cries for help come too late from an unsurrendered heart?

There was a thief who cried out from a cross with his dying breath, “Lord, remember me…”, to whom Jesus replied from His undeserved cross, “This day you will be with me in Paradise.” The other thief remained unrepentant.

America, are you slowly drowning? How much longer are you able to tread water and support yourself?

Do you see the Lifeguard – the One in Red? Yes, He is God, and is waiting for our heart-felt cry.

John L. Owens and his family were full-time missionaries to the former USSR in the early 90's. He continues to write and minister to truck drivers from his home in Coastal Georgia. His website,, features his two published novels.

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