by Donna Powers

The Newlyweds

Cathy's eyes were glowing with joy as she scooted next to Mark in the limo. It was their wedding day, and Cathy still couldn't believe this handsome and charming guy had picked her. She looked into Mark's loving eyes and saw their future, blessed by God. She couldn't wait!


The College Couple

It was blue. No way! Way. Dee didn't know what Karl would say, or how in the world they'd be able to afford a baby when they were already struggling. As she waited for Karl to get home, she bowed her head in a prayer for strength and guidance.



Harold knew he shouldn't be having coffee with Marlene. He'd told himself it was "business" but he knew he'd been fantasizing about Marlene. Harold sighed; with Connie absorbed in the kids, she never had time for him anymore.

"So, Harold," purred Marlene, as she inched closer. "What's on your mind?"


Empty Nest

Gina glanced at Mario and smiled tentatively. Now that Ramon had left for college, they would both have more free time. Their marriage had seemed more strained lately and maybe this was the Lord's way of helping them find the time to repair it. She looked forward to finding out.


The End

Meg held Jim's hand and gazed down at him. He'd fought the cancer, but now his life was over. She'd miss Jim until they were reunited in heaven. She thanked God for their 60 years together, and asked Him to help her regain strength and joy for tomorrow.


I'm a nurse and teacher from Central Pa.  I love to use the gift of writing to tell stories that have topics that are uplifting and enjoyable.

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