by Lewis E. Thomas


Are you "spiritually ready" for what-ever tomorrow may bring?
For life is but a "vapour" and a fleeting thing!
Will your tomorrow be smooth sailing, with calm waters the norm?
Or come tomorrow, will you face a dreadful and terrible STORM?
Are you ready to face God, if tomorrow your life should end?
Are you "spiritually ready", or are you still a sinner and a slave to Sin?
Do you have a spiritual foundation that is firmly built on Christ the Rock?
Or is talk like this something that you have often criticized and mocked?
Are you "Spiritually Ready" to face the worst storm of your life?
It could be the sudden death of your child, your parents, husband, or your wife!
Think tonight about "tomorrow" and about what might be coming your way!
Then get down on your knees before God and take some time to pray!
As you go to bed tonight "everything" may be just right and ok!
But, there could be a "GREAT SPIRITUAL STORM" swiftly moving your way!
Should such a "STORM" come, will your house be able to stand?
Or will your house take a great fall because it's foundation is sitting on shifting sand?
Are you spiritually ready?
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 8/12/2018


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