by Lewis E. Thomas

An Armenian Terrorist used a Van in Toronto to murder ten and injure fifteen others!
They were someone's father, mother, sister, friend or brother!
Where is the Liberal Left with their usual cry to ban the object used?
Where is their cry to ban vans on the News?
When a terrorist or killer of any sort uses a gun to kill!
Liberals scream and shout for more gun bans or gun control up on Capital Hill!
They say if all guns are banned it will stop those school and church killings!
So, shouldn't they be crying out for "Van Bans" after this Toronto attack that was so chilling?
Liberals seem to "have no real clue" why these evil acts are being done!
They are the result of a heart that has been taken over by Satan, the evil one!
The Liberal solution for a "spiritual problem" is to pass yet another useless gun law!
Their capacity to ignore the real cause really sticks in my craw!
People commit evil acts because their hearts are full of evil within!
They are slaves to Satan and slaves to sin!
Legislation cannot remove evil out of the heart of a woman or man!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the only one who can!
But the Liberal Left hates the Holy Trinity, The Father, Holy Spirit and the Son!
Without The Power of The Trinity this Battle against evil can never be won!
When will America wake up and stop playing the fool?
When will we start teaching the Holy Bible again to our children in our schools?
Go ahead! Write your laws until your paper runs out and your ink runs dry!
Your laws won't change "one evil heart" and now you know why!
If America doesn't turn around spiritually to secure God's grace!
The violent evil we are seeing will spread like a cancer and become commonplace!
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 4/23/2018


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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