by Lewis E. Thomas

There are multitudes of people in the World chasing The Wind!
Trying to satisfy that "void" in their heart with fleshly pleasures and sin!
Chasing The Winds of fame, power, and wealth!
Following a Godless path, often bringing ruin to their health!
Searching for "contentment" and for that fleeting reason for life!
Thinking they can "find it" in husband after husband or wife after wife!
As they chase The Wind they become filled with futility and despair!
When their search for life's meaning is as "close" as that old sinner's prayer!
Are you chasing The Wind looking for that missing something that makes life complete?
Your answer can only be found at Jesus's feet! 
The "JOY OF LIFE" isn't out there on The Wind!
It's found at "The Cross" where Jesus Christ died to pay the penality for "your" sins!
Lewis E. Thomas 
As given by God on 4/06/2018


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