Universal Salvation and the Road to Hell
by Roy Francois

                 The False Teaching of Universal Salvation
"Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priest of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years." [Rev 20:6] "Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued. "Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt" [Daniel 12:1-2] KJV
One of Lucifer’s messages to the world today is, live how you want to, set your own rules because all are saved anyway, so don’t miss out on the good life worrying about salvation because you will be given another chance after death. God will not force people to accept the gift of life, those who accept eternal life become citizens of a universal government, a kingdom that must be govern by rules and laws. What people just don’t seem to understand is that people doesn’t just automatically become good after death. You are what you are at the moment of death, if a person is evil and evil has saturated his being, when resurrected he will still be evil. We are getting a firsthand look at the works of evil in this world, with the mass killings, the perversions, and the march toward the total destruction of all mankind. All evil is to be eradicated from the earth and the universe, this evil doesn’t just pop up out of thin air, evil is created from an evil heart and mind.
God gives second chances and more in life, if God has given us chances over and over in this life and we never change, what makes us believe that once we are resurrected we are going to do good? The same evil being that died is the same evil being that is resurrected, those who hated the Lord when they lived, that same hate will still be in their hearts when they are resurrected. Not only will that hate still be there, but it will be even stronger now that they have suffered for their wrong doings in hell [a jail cell for criminal spirits] awaiting the judgment. The criminals usually hate the police that captured them, the jury that condemned them and the judged who sentenced them, this is the same with those in the prisons of hell, they will hate the one who imprisoned them, the one who condemned them and the one who judge them, the Lord Jesus Christ:
"And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." [Dan 12:2]
Whatever you believe this everlasting contempt to means, an everlasting burning in hell, or contempt that will not go away even if the person is given a million years to repent, one thing is sure, this soul is lost forever. How could this soul that is full of such contempt for the Lord ever be reconciled with heaven? His hatred for heaven and the Lord of Heaven would be everlasting. I don’t believe the Lord would torment this soul through all eternity without a moment’s relief for refusing the gift of life, but I do believe he will do his appointed jail time in the prison cell called hell for wrongs committed against mankind and after be taken out of existence. The death sentence! The soul that continues in unrepentant sin will die!
This one verse of scripture rips the Universalist argument apart, how could hatred and contempt be brought into paradise and it still be paradise? The danger of this false teaching is that it lulls Christians to sleep; it makes them haphazard in the walk with the Lord. The Christians began to live like the world and reason that if they don’t get it right this first time, they will have another chance after death. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to gamble my everlasting existence on such a questionable doctrine. There is now talk of letting many criminals out of prisons early because of prison overcrowding, a lot of people are angry about this because there will be child molesters, killers, robbers, car-jackers moving into their communities making life there very dangerous. Now many of these criminals had set around in prison for years planning revenge on mankind because their freedom had been taken from them. Some will come out of prison [the ones who are saturated with evil] with hatred in their heart for the ones who ratted them out. 
Now I’m not saying that everyone who comes out of prison is coming out to do evil, there are some who made bad decisions at a young age and found themselves paying for their mistakes. We all have done wrong and needs to be given a second chance to prove we are not evil at heart but made a mistake in judgment, these I’m not talking about here, but the ones who’s every intent of the heart is to do evil, you know they exist and you wouldn’t want them in your community. Now these very people who you find unfit to live among you and your family are spirit beings living in a physical body. Now these physical beings you have found unfit to live in your community dies or are executed and no longer have a physical body, they are now in their spiritual bodies.
Now this person who was full of evil and hate for those who were trying to show him the evils of his ways kept this hatred in his heart to the very second of his execution. This execution forced and shocked his spirit from his physical body and now he’s finds himself in another prison in a deep dungeon [hell] even worse than the prison he just left behind. And they want to let this evil spirit lose and free to roam the universe when they did not see him fit to live in their community when he lived in his physical body. This just doesn’t make sense! I don’t want him in my little community but is alright for him to be resurrected and roam the universe. Once you have been resurrected and have been given your permanent spiritual body which is also physical but is exulted and is now able to travel inter-galactic, would you really want to run across this evil being is some far away Galaxy?
We are witnessing the results of this very thing happening in our universe, the evil being Lucifer once traveled among the stars, he was a mighty angel, but once his heart became evil he was cut down to the ground and imprisoned in the earth. This is the same with any evil spirit; they will be imprisoned in the heart of the earth, their home, until they are sentenced to extinction! Men give men the death sentence for horrible crimes but when the author of live give out the same sentence of death to evil men the world finds all kinds of problems with it. "The soul that sinneth shall die!" Notice the word states that the soul that sinneth will die! THE SOUL HERE MEANS THE ENTIRE BEING OF THE MAN WILL DIE! I cannot find Universal Salvation in this, what I see is that somebody is going to refuse salvation, I see Lucifer aka Satan doing what he does best, lie!
True, at the beginning every person who ever lived names were written in the Book of Life because they all once lived, all were called before the foundation of the earth, and God wished not that any of these should perish. God offers everlasting life to each and every being whose name He wrote in this book, now the pencil the Lord used to write these names in His Book of Life has a really big eraser setting on top of it. Now God gave each of these beings free will, He told them to choose life or death. To choose life in the only government of life there is, but life in this government will not be forced on man because its man’s right to choose not to live under the laws of this kingdom.
Forcing people to accept life under this government and its ruler over-rides their free-will, having refused to live by the laws governing this kingdom, the man must now turn to the only other kingdom there is, the Kingdom of Darkness and Death, there is no other kingdom to turn to. Now since the man has rejected citizenship in this kingdom his name must now be removed from the Book of Life because he is no longer a citizen of this country or government. It’s like America invading a country and forcing many of its citizens to except citizenship in the USA, there’s no right in this the person’s free-will has been violated.
You can’t become a citizen of a great country and set your own rules and laws, and there must be laws that are obeyed or there will be anarchy in that country, the Kingdom of Heaven is no different, we must obey the laws of this Great Kingdom to hold citizenship there. Now since the man has constantly thumbed his nose at these laws and the law-maker and went about breaking these laws after being given so many chances and has proven that he will have nothing to do with this kingdom; so his citizen ship is rejected. Now this being [physical or non-physical] has broken all the laws of the kingdom he was born into but fulfills all the requirements of the only other kingdom there is, the Kingdom of Satan, there is no other. Now this kingdom that the being was born into was created by his Father making this being a prince or princess, this Father has proven Himself to be the essence of pure love, and all he asks of His children is that they love Him in return.
Now this loving Father has built his children a mansion of splendor [our physical universe] has equipped it with everything their hearts could desire, all the tasty food they will need is produced from seeds that constantly reproduce themselves, so their pantries are full. Now this loving father has even put a seed in the man that produces little ones like him to share this love that has been bestowed upon him. When this loving Father’s child turns his back on his Father and turned his affections towards his Father’s enemy, this enemy enslaved the children and passed the death sentence on them and had them set for destruction and death.
When the Father see that his children whom He loves so much is about to be put to death by the enemy who they believe is their friend, the Father steps in and say I will die in their place because I love them too much to just let them die even though they hate me. This Father has done all He could to prove his love for His children, He now ask his children to love each other as he love them, this is a reasonable request. Love for a brother or sister demands that we do no wrong to that which we claim to love, if you love your brother you wouldn’t try to sleep with his wife, you wouldn’t break into his house, you wouldn’t rob him of the wages properly owed to him, you would not steal his land, you would not kill him.This is what’s required to be a citizen of this Kingdom of Love, now if the being cannot fulfill this requirement of love then he disqualifies himself from being a citizen in the Kingdom of Love and from everlasting life, because there’s life only in this kingdom he was born into. Now the being is given a life time to prove to whom he is loyal, is it his Father or his Father’s enemy? Whom does he love the most? Now this being doesn’t just up and walk away from his Father and His kingdom, he is a victim of a war tactic by the enemy of his Father to be used for the attack on his Father’s kingdom and take His Throne. Now the Father, knowing His children have been deceived into turning against Him sets out to inform them of the truth of what is happening, but His children use their Father’s given free-will to reject the warning and turn their love toward his enemy. They have obeyed the Lord’s command to "choose this day whom you will serve!"
This whole teaching of universal salvation goes against the free will of man’s right to love whom he will, trying to force someone to love and stay with us will never work, if the love is not there the heart is not there. God will not force someone to love Him or be citizens of His Kingdom; people are sometimes given eighty or ninety years to prove their love for the Father. There’s something I heard when I was a young kid that I’ve watched throughout my life and found it to be true, old people seldom ever change. Most people I know who have lived a life of constant sin began to change in their forties, those who carried this sinful lifestyle beyond these later years were impossible to reach, it’s like the bible states:
 "Their sinful minds have been seared with a hot iron."
At this point the sinner is confirmed in his or her sin, they have watched the world, have seen the corruption in this world because of sin, and have matured from childhood to adulthood and now is about to leave this world and still have embraced sin with their whole hearts, they have made their decision, if they live another thousand years they are not going to change. The Lord said those who found themselves in the second resurrection were resurrected unto everlasting contempt. The hatred that was there for their Father while they lived is even stronger after their stay with their adopted father [Lucifer] in hell. Their bitterness grows greater and greater against the judge that sentenced them to this prison, the Just Judge, Jesus the Christ.
Forced salvation goes against the free will of a free willed-being; this being was given this right by his creator, the Lord said the heart is where the treasure is, if in this life one love the things of Lucifer and despise the things Christ, after shedding his physical body this person must go to be with his or her lover. This person while in the physical body despised Christians, belittled Christians, would have nothing to do with the Lord. Now this person after death finds himself going down a long road that come to a folk, now there are two possible directions he can take. The road to his right is full of the sound of Christian worship, his first thought is there are those backward stupid Christians making all that noise, and I want no part of that. Now this person doesn’t even know he’s dead so he’s just being himself and shows no interest in the things of God.
Now the only other road for our dead friend to take is the one to his left, now this road has the flashing beautiful lights [the Black-Lights-of Lucifer] advertising strippers, gambling casinos, free drinks and prostitutes. Remember, there are only two roads that leads to the only two kingdoms there are. Do you really believe that this person will take the road to his right and be with those he despises the most? This person lived a life of sin while in his physical body; all he ever wanted to do was to party and have multiple sex partners and stay high. This person was not going to find the things he loves the most by taking the road to the right so he takes the road he’s always taken in physical life, he takes the road to the left, and this is understandable since this is where his treasure is. Who you were in life you still are at the moment of death!
As this soul that has exited his physical body heads down the road to the left he’s excited because with all this partying going on, on this strip he knows he can get his freak on. As he takes his first steps down the path he has chosen the Christian worship music he was hearing begins to fade. Now he begins to hear his favorite type of music, Rock, he began to hear the lyrics to one of his favorite song, the first words of the song are "Hale Satan all ye children of darkness" now he’s right at home. Now he is where the desires of his heart has led him, to his treasure! This soul plans to stop and party in each and every club and casino along this strip of sinful lust, in his very first stop he finds what he’s always fantasied about, having a room full of beautiful naked women who obey his every command. He leaves the first club totally sexually satisfied, something he could never achieve while he lived, now it’s time to hit the casinos to win the money he will need to continue this lifestyle because he has found his place in the world, he tells himself that he will never leave this place because this is what he’s been searching for all his life.
This soul is right, he will never leave this place, so he continues down the path he has chosen, looking back at the first club he stopped at, he finds that as soon as he left that club it closed down and turn all the lights off. The soul notice that after the lights were turned off there were nothing but total blackness void of all light, nothing could be seen beyond that point, so now the newly departed know he must continue in the direction he’s headed. So now the newly departed enters the first casino on the strip, no sooner than he put his money into the slot machine he hits the mega-Jackpot, this happens with every machine he plays, he walks out of the casino a multi-millionaire.
So far, this soul has realized two of his life’s dreams, to be in control of his very own freak show and be filthy rich. As he leaves the last of the line of casinos he looks back and notices that the same thing is happening that happened with the first club he visited, the casinos closed down and turned out all the lights, behind him is no trace of the places he visited, nothing but total blackness, his world is shrinking. As this soul continues to go forward down the path he has chosen he looks back and notice that the darkness behind his is thick, he notices there’s no moon or stars in the sky, nothing but total blackness. This blackness seems to engulf him, its all-around him now, there is only a flicker of light off in the distant, he has no choice but to make is to that light, his final destination, hell!
Universal Salvation in a Nutshell
It doesn’t matter how you live; you can break all the laws of God you want to because it just doesn’t matter you will be saved anyway! According to this gospel even the anti-Christ will be saved, this gospel calls Jesus a liar, who said:
"Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!" [Matthew 7:21-23]
According this gospel, the Lord is making a lot of empty threats, and His word cannot be counted on, the Lord clearly states that it’s those who do the will of His Father who are welcome to become citizens of His Kingdom. As was noted earlier, there are only two kingdoms, the Kingdom of Love and Life and the Kingdom of Darkness and Death! If the Lord refuses entry into His Kingdom to those who are law breakers, there’s nowhere for the law breaker to go but to the only other kingdom there is, the kingdom that is set for death and destruction, the Kingdom of Hell. What kind of government would create laws and not enforce them? A government that is headed for chaos and anarchy!
In the verse of scripture above [Matthew 7:21-23] the Lord is not speaking to unbelievers or pagans, He is speaking to those who claim to be His people. The people He is speaking to are those who have been baptized in The Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Christian. These are the ones who on Sundays dress in their sexiest close rush to church get up and dance to the gospel music shaking their butts and putting on a big show of holiness. These are the who very ones leave the building they call a temple and forget everything they heard in the temple [hopefully they were hearing the true word of God] and go right out and live like the world. Once they leave the temple on Sunday Morning they throw their bible in the corner of the house somewhere and never pick it up again until the next Sunday and carry it with them as a show of holiness. 
These Christian, many of them are full of resentments with unforgiving hearts holding animosity for a brother or sister they feel has done something wrong to them years ago. These Christian who are called by the name of Christ are nothing like Christ and refuse to fulfill the requirements of love and Christ. Most of these Christian who sit in church are full of unrepentant sin thinking because they attend church every Sunday they are saved. The reason they are not forgiven for the many sins they have committed is because they can’t fulfill the requirement of the law of love. When the disciples asked the Lord to teach them to pray, He replied, pray after this fashion, "Forgive us as we have forgiven those who have wronged us" the first requirement for forgiveness is that we first forgive those who we believe we have been wronged by.
Now the one who has demanded this law of love be first fulfilled didn’t just demand that of us, He required it of Himself, this Holy one [God] allowed himself to be beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a tree, and one of the last request He asked of His Father was, “Father for give them!” This is the spirit of Christ! The amazing thing is that these very ones have done some very file things in their lives and even worse than the sin they believe their brother or sister has committed against them. Yet they believe that God has forgiven them for all their many sins they have committed against Him while they can’t forgive their brother for some minute thing done to them. "LORD FORGIVE US AS WE HAVE FORGIVEN THOSE WHO HAVE SINNED AGAINST US!"
This is the law of love that is required for citizenship in the Kingdom of Love. Not everyone can fulfill this requirement of love, even many Christians will fail to enter this kingdom.  How could one live in a Kingdom of love with a heart full of hate and resentments? Is not going to happen! These things are forbidden in Paradise! We can’t sit at the table of the Feast of the Lord in Paradise and look across the table and say in our hearts, that so and so did this to me a hundred years ago so I don’t like him or her. You cannot have this in Paradise because it would no longer be Paradise. "Forgive us as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us!" those who cannot fulfill this law of love, the Lord says, "depart from me you workers of iniquity" where are these workers of iniquity are to depart to? They are to depart to the only other kingdom there is, the kingdom of hell! I don’t see Universal salvation in any of this, "the soul that sineth it will die" or the soul that continue in unrepentant sin will cease to exist:
"It is appointed unto men once to die, and then the Judgment!"
When a free-willed being embraces evil, when that being becomes saturated with spirit of resentment either for God or his brothers and sisters this goes deep into the heart and soul of that being. The longer this spirit of The Anti-Christ is allowed to fester in the heart of the free-willed being the harder it is to eradicate it from the heart and souls of that being. I watch documentaries on serial killers, the one thing all investigators agree on is that these killers do not change and become better people with time. The only way they stop the killing is if they are caught and put in chains or die or be put to death. These are the beings the Universal Salvationist say should be resurrected and allowed to roam the universe. Evil doesn’t become good over time; it goes from evil to even more evil. Now there are some who do bad things at times and later realize they have made a mistake and set out to do something to correct their mistake, this is probably most of us. I’m talking about those who hate Christ, they are all over the internet, and they slander that Holy name. They hate the name of Jesus, and love the name of Lucifer [Satan], they are called Satan worshipers. They love and worship Satan, the enemy of the Lord; they go out and slay the innocent children of God, drink their blood and eat their flesh.
We are speaking of those who actually hate The Son of Man and even despise Him; they are showing themselves to be enemies of the Kingdom of Love. They would be miserable if forced to live under such laws because it is not in them to love. This law of love says one woman for one man, do not go out and have sex with multiple partners, who wants to hear this kind of talk in this day and age, yet this is what’s is required in this kingdom of love which begins here in this physical life. What the newly departed who took the road to the left is now engulfed by deep darkness do not understand is that he has always been surrounded by this deep darkness. I would suggest looking into the claims of many people who were pronounced dead and were brought back to life, many of these people wanted nothing to do with Christ before their experience with [near-death] death, didn’t believe that there was a prison for wayward spirits.
"And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done. 13 And the sea gave up the dead who were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead who were in them, and they were judged, each one of them, according to what they had done." [Rev 20:12-13]
The whole problem with this and many other false doctrines starts with false notion that the soul is immortal and stems from the original lie told in the Garden of Eden by Lucifer:
"Ye shall be as the gods" or once you have eaten of this fruit [the lies of Lucifer] you will become immortal like the gods. Those who have eaten of this fruit till this very day believe themselves to be gods, or immortals. This was a clever trick of Lucifer; even the Christian Churches are full of people who believe themselves to be immortals or divine and gods. Those who study the word of God know they are told in the opening book of the bible that men are not immortal; the reason the man was driven from the Garden was so that he wouldn’t eat from the Tree of Life and Live forever. These very people go right out and teach that man is an immortal being who will spend eternity in torment. How can a mortal spend eternity doing anything except being dead? 
Now once Lucifer has convinced the world that they are immortal and will never die, he now sets in motion the real plot behind this work of deception, and that is to make the creator out to be unjust in his dealings with His Crown of Creation, the man. Remember this devil convinced one third of the angels of heaven that the Lord is holding them back and keeping them in subjection to Him and withholding knowledge from them. If Lucifer can convince this many heavenly beings to rebel against their maker with this lie, inferior man is no match for this devil. Now Lucifer sets out to prove to the world what a cruel and unloving God the creator is to create hell in the first place. That’s the next step!
Now the people who have eaten the lies of Lucifer that "this fruit will make one wise" the bible says they actually become fools. Those who have believed the lie of Lucifer loses all sense of reasoning and become very foolish in their thinking. These deceived ones now began to question the Lord’s love and justice and ask how could a God of Love create hell and send people there. Now the people who think they are very wise do not ask their government why they build prisons because they know the answer, to chain criminals so that they do not continue to harm mankind. Asking that question would surely show that person to be very foolish when the answer is obvious, yet Lucifer has convinced these so-called wise to ask this very foolish question of their creator; they have become foolish in their thinking! Who doesn’t know why prisons are built? Even the prison called hell!

I grew up in a very religious family, a religion of Spiritism and because of that up-bringing I was caught-up in the occult. I have many occult experiences that only led me deeper and deeper into the deep things of Satan. One of my addictions to the occult was the UFO phenomenal and spirit contact which is forbidden in the word of God. Playing around with deceiving spirits, that includes UFO's will lead to the soul's destruction, that is why I'm publishing this article as a warning to those who have not gotten involved in the truly deep things of Satan to stay clear! I was headed for Hell!
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