Skunks Leave Den for Winter Treat
by Greg Miller

By Greg Miller © 2018


Sal, a buck skunk and his doe, Sallie, were nestled cozily together in their den, as they waited for the melting of winter’s first measureable snowfall.


These skunks didn’t actually hibernate, although they spent a great part of the winter sleeping. They occasionally left their den for a fresh snack, although they stored large reserves of fat from their summer and autumn feedings.


Sal and Sallie were feeling unusually hungry so, as soon as most of the snow had melted they scampered out of the den for a fresh snack. Both Sal and Sallie had a special affection for frogs’ legs. Although they admitted the treat “tasted a bit like chicken,” they agreed that the meat also had a decidedly “froggy” taste.


And while Sallie only ate bugs when nothing else was available, Sal’s palate craved the crunchy critters. “A few bugs every day will keep the doctor away,” Sal joked to Sallie.


“I’d rather see the doctor than eat a bunch of bugs,” Sallie joked back. “Besides, most of them aren’t eaten willingly. They’re much too hard to catch to be worth my effort.”


“Oh, I disagree, sweetheart,” said Sal. “When you combine munch and crunch, there’s nothing better than a mouthful of bugs for dessert at lunch.”


“There you go again,” Sallie giggled. “You have such a poetic way with words.”


“The Sovereign Lord gave my gift to me to make you, as well as other members of the skunk family, happy,” said Sal.


“I know other skunks in our neighborhood appreciate your poetic humor as much as I do,” Sallie replied. “And many of the other animals, like dogs, cats, and rabbits, also chuckle at your humor.”


Sal and Sallie quickly found a frog at the edge of a small pond. They quickly ate their divinely-provided snack. Once back inside the den, they cuddled together and thanked God for their blessings.


Because they lived near a small subdivision, they were familiar with the daily walks of a couple named Saul and Sylvia, who always talked about their faith in God. Most recently, Christmas and the coming of Jesus into the world to save people from their sins, had been a topic of conversation. Sal and Sallie had overheard these conversations.


As they prepared for a long nap, Sal asked, “Sallie, What do you think about this Christmas story about Jesus?”




“God must have loved people very much in order to send His Son into the world to die for them!” Sallie replied. “And He must have loved us almost as much because He provides snacks for us all winter long, so He must really love us skunks a lot, too!”


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By Greg Miller  2018

 Greg is retired from the Elizabethton STAR Newspaper, after working there for almost 23 years. He now freelances for the paper. Contact email address is [email protected], also Available for speaking engagements/other ministries. Jesus is Lord

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