"Paraclete" - A Powerful Companion
by Sim Lee

"The Spirit is the first power we practically experience, but the last power we come to understand." ..Oswald Chambers

Specifically promised by Jesus that he would ask His Father "to give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever" (John 14:16 NLT), it should be the assured expectation of every believer that the Holy Spirit came to each to indwell and seal them unto to the Day of Judgement. The earnest of our salvation.

There is no question that many accept this without question and also without a second thought as to what it all means. We know that the Holy Spirit takes the physical place of Jesus within believers until He comes again to rule as King of Kings, but for many, that is all they understand, or all that they ever will understand of the "Paraclete", the Third Person of the Trinity.

Perhaps seeing how such a descriptive title came to be chosen could yield a better understanding of the word.

The word "Paraclete" is a combination of two words into a single word: para (beside or alongside) and kalein (to call), and most believers know that, but the word is far more descriptive than that.

The word "parakletos" was also used to specifically describe one who is called to help in a court of law, a qualified advocate. Further, this word also describes one who is called upon to be a just witness before the court. Lastly, the word describes one who comforts/consoles another.

Bring all of these applications forward to God's Court and the Holy Spirit is your lawyer, your sound witness and your comforter/consoler through all things. This is the full power, love and role of the One who was sent to you when first you believed! But there is more!

Add to that wonderful description a further ability to be "another advocate", as our Lord described Him, and you have a very powerful companion in your corner, as promised by our Lord ""to give you another advocate (Paraclete) to help you and be with you forever" John 14:16 NLT. This verse is also the first time that the word for "Paraclete" appears in the Bible.

A wonderful and a very powerful companion indeed!

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Sim Lee is a retired NE Iowan who loves all of God's creatures.

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