by Lupie Riley

Freelance writer Lupie Riley

Thought: How many of us have driven by a homeless person holding up a sign that says "help me?" In today's world it's unavoidable and the numbers are increasing. Have you ever wondered what happened in the life of that person who lost all hope? Have they ever been loved or wanted? Most of us do not know what total desperation might feel like and most of the homeless do not realize that they are loved.

As we look up into a cloudless evening and view trillions of bright lights, do we not realize that the God who made them knows them all by name? The comprehension of this thought will definitely expand our consciousness.
We often admire the hundreds of different tree's that give us shade and enhance our landscapes but take them all for granted. Then there's the countless variety of flowers all around us each with their own delicate fragrance. How about the animal kingdom with thousands of species born from each specific kind? Humans themselves have been equated to snowflakes and I'm not referring to the political kind, because no snowflake is alike.

My family and I were at a popular breakfast restaurant in Denver recently and I was horrified at the amount of food that went out in just the short time we were there, an occurrence that happens every day of the week. Multiply that by the thousands of restaurants throughout our nation and it's in mind blowing numbers who consume this banquet everyday. How many give thanks to the One who supplies it all?
How can mankind not believe in a higher power then just our beginning in a primordial soup as the evolutionists expound as fact? "Since earliest times men have seen the earth and sky and all God made and have known of His existence and great eternal power so they will have no excuse (when they stand before God at Judgment day).

God isn't a force out of Star war's that we can't relate to on a human level but an actual person who left his formal glory and became man like his created. Why? Because he needed to save mankind from themselves. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Adam and Eve relinquished the deed to this planet when Satan whispered in their ear "you can become like God." But God in the flesh of Jesus has won back that deed through his bodily sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, defeating death and paying the price for all sins. He gives forgiveness as a free gift to all those who believe.
He is coming soon to claim his right to rule the world. What greater love is this then to lay down your life for your neighbor and Jesus did that for all humanity because of His love.

Prayer: Father God you have given us Jesus who payed the price for all our sins so that we can be forgiven and have eternal life in new bodies that will never die. How can we not ask you to come into our lives and give us hope that you have so much more waiting for us when our Salvation is complete?

Verse: I John 4: 9-10 " God showed how much he loved us by sending his only Son (God in the flesh) into this wicked world to bring us eternal life through his death. In this act we see what real love is: it is not our love for God, but his love for us when he sent his Son to satisfy God's anger against our sins."

Married 58 years, four children, nine grandchildren and two great.  I've been a freelance writer for over 40 years.  Working on a book at the present.  My priorities are God first, husband, family, country.

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