Pastor Chooses to Preach Late Valentine's Day Message
by Greg Miller

By Greg Miller © 2019


Pastor V. A. Lentine decided to preach a special Valentine’s Day message the Sunday after Valentine’s Day.


The pastor told Pastor Valen Tine, another local minister, about his plan for the Valentine’s Day message. Pastor Valen Tine advised his friend against preaching the message. You’ll be preaching three days after Valentine’s Day,” Pastor Valen Tine said. “People will no longer be in the mood for talk about sweet chocolate hearts.”


“That’s true,” said Pastor V.A. Lentine. “But the Lord put this message on my heart for this specific day. So I believe there’s a purpose for this message.”


Pastor V.A. Lentine spent numerous hours preparing the message and praying that the Sovereign Lord would bless the sermon. When the time arrived for the service to begin, the pastor strode to the pulpit, opened his Bible and read John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The church’s members weren’t expecting a Valentine’s Day message three days after the holiday. Their hearts, however, were ready for the encouragement they were about to receive.


“I know you’re not expecting to hear anything today about Valentine’s Day,” said Pastor V.A. Lentine. “But think for a moment about this…God sent Jesus into the world to atone for the sins of His creation. Jesus came to save all murderers, thieves, blasphemers; yes He came to earth to save all sinners.


“When I read this verse from the book of John, many times I think of it in terms of Jesus coming to earth as the world’s first Christmas present. But consider this…Jesus came into the world to change the hearts of sinners, to give all of us an opportunity to live forever with Him in the bliss of heaven’s eternity! What love! What sacrifice! So I would argue it could be said that He also came to earth as the world’s first Valentine’s Day gift!”


Pastor V.A. Lentine invited his wife, Virginia, to join at the pulpit to make a few brief comments. “The pastor is right,” she said. “The Father sent Jesus - heaven’s most prized possession - to earth to save mens’ souls. He sent His most treasured gift – the gift of His great and wonderful love to show men and women just how greatly they are treasured by God.”


“That just goes to show you,” the pastor grinned, “that the Lord blessed us with His best. It’s so great that it’s better than all the Valentine’s Day roses and chocolate hearts in the world!”


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By Greg Miller  2018

 Greg is retired from the Elizabethton STAR Newspaper, after working there for almost 23 years. He now freelances for the paper. Contact email address is [email protected], also Available for speaking engagements/other ministries. Jesus is Lord

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