By  Ogbajibrede Onome

 ‘‘The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger’’. Job 17:9 (KJV)

Read Also PSALM 24:3-5

A clean object or a vessel is an attractive item that comes with a welcoming smile to humankind. At the market place, a clean item is self -advert. It is treasured and appealing to all eyes and carries a value tag. This is the case with God whenever He is relating to His children who display clean hands at all times.

From our memory verse in Job 17:9 (KJV), where we took our text, to have clean hands, you must be in a state of uprightness and having a right standing with God every day, only then, you can win both physical and spiritual battles and can be stronger than all your foes. God wants his children to be victorious in all their battles spiritually and physically in this present world and He is able to give strength to win if we can live a life of uprightness. 

Victory is determined by your spiritual state of mind which is in tune with God. He is our shield and buckler and our battle axe. In our present-day life, we need winning to stay at the top and God wants us to be upright to achieve this.

Have you been losing your battles spiritually and your enemies triumph over you? You desire to win at all circumstances and do not know how to do it? Why not hand it over to God who teaches the secret of clean hands and becoming victorious in your spiritual and physical battles.  PS 32: 8.


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, give me the grace to maintain clean hands in all my dealings with you so that my victory can be sure on a daily basis.


                                   Members of God’s team are winning teams



OGBAJIBREDE Onome is an Evangelist and a Devotional Writer who inspires and encourages people to come closer to God. His Devotional has featured on Exploits Christian Magazine. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution and can be contacted via [email protected]

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