Do You Believe In Creation
by Don Pedal

This sounds like a simple question doesn't it?  I thought it was when I first heard it. Of course, we believe in creation. I thought everybody believed in creation, but I found that I was wrong. What exactly do we mean by the word creation? The original earth was brought into being, out of nothing, by the hand of God before sin entered God's moral universe. The earth was designed to be the habitation of God's first sinless angelic creatures. Those of us who believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God have no trouble accepting it as true. There are those who consider the Bible an ancient book no longer relevant to today's modern world. There are those who simply do not believe in a creator or creation.  There are also those who are agnostic and say that they might believe if you can prove it to them. Then there is the vast world out there that are busy scurrying about, frustrated, depressed, filled with anxiety and totally unaware that there is a loving Creator waiting to heal them and give them the greatest gift a person can receive. He has promised to be with them every day, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, granting them a life of peace and the joy of His presence.                                                       There are those believers, who work very hard to please and serve our Lord and yet fail to please Him in one area of their lives. They fail to commit their lives completely to Him.  What do we mean when we say commit? One dictionary says to hand over and entrust fully, the results to another person. In our case, our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to hedge our bets. We want to keep one foot on each side of the fence. Jesus warns us about this in Rev.3:16. He said; "So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth".    There are those who think; that is why we have pastors to take care of things like that. After all that is what they are there for, right? I say Wrong! The few pastors who are true to the Gospel, born again, and Spirit lead, are burned out. They are desperate to find born again believers to help in reaching out into the white harvest. They are waiting to hear about the wonderful life God has planned for them. They need to hear that God loves us all and will forgive us of our sins, no matter how bad they are if we are sincere.                                                                                 The Question now is; how can I make a difference in reaching out into the white harvest? We are all given different talents and abilities. We have different personalities and backgrounds. The next time, during your quiet time, ask our Lord, the one who knows. We might be surprised at the doors that are opened to us. Doors that we did not even know existed. There are paths that are there, that we cannot now see. They lead to that the exciting world of helping others in the white harvest that are lost every day, because there is no one there to bring them the vital message of salvation in the blood of the Lamb.                                                                                         We are given three choices in how we react to the promptings of The Spirit. They are; yes, no, and I will think about it. To think about it is the same as saying no.  The secular world in which we live, soon crowds out our best intentions and it becomes life as usual. To those who say no, I would caution them. Nowhere in the Bible is there a mention of second chances after you die.   Act now! The need is urgent! There is a hurting world out there, the white harvest, whose souls are lost every day because there is no one to bring them the

As a senior citizen, I am dedicated to serving the Lord through sharing my experiences and insights with other believers. My primary focus is upon being an disciple of Jesus and, in being one, I can help others to find their spiritual way also. 
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