by Lewis E. Thomas


ARLINGTON CEMETARY is an "awesome sight" for anyone to behold!
It's filled with fallen soldiers, both young and old!
If you've never been to Arlington like me!
Make it a point before you die to go there and personally see!
As you view the endless fields of grave stones, bow your head and pray!
Thank God for the fallen who gave you and I our freedom today!
Every grave represents a soldier's "STORY UNTOLD"!
And I'm sure that each story is worth more than all the world's gold!
Stories of childhoods and high school days!
Stories about combat and battles when all the troops knelt down and prayed!
Stories of battlefield memorials crafted from a helmet with rifle bayoneted into the ground!
After a fellow soldier mortally wounded, falls and goes down!
Stories of children who cried for their deployed Moms and/or Dads!
Stories that would make us "happy" and stories that would make us sad!
Stories of letters from home received, read, and stained with a soldier's tears!
Untold stories of family homecoming celebrations, with lots of "SHOUTS AND CHEERS"!
Think about all those fallen soldiers at your next football game!
Don't "TAKE A KNEE" and cause those fallen soldier's loved ones to suffer "more" pain!
Thank the LORD above that you are alive today and not in an ARLINGTON grave!
Stand proudly for "OLD GLORY" and respect her "every time" you see her red, white, and blue waves!
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 5/17/2019


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