by Lewis E. Thomas

I arrived at a local rural waste facility too early today by one hour of time!
So, as I waited for the facility to open God gave me this little rhyme.
There are many different kinds of waste discarded here three days a week.
When it comes to waste let us take a quick little peek!
Many bringing their items of waste here are living out wasted lives!
They are living "without God" with some abusing their children, husbands and wives!
Years and days wasted on serving old Satan and Sin!
Lifetimes "wasted" being ungodly examples and bad roll models to their relatives and friends!
As I sit here waiting for the gate to open I'm thinking about Sin!
About how it can destroy a life and soul and dump it into Hell's lost soul bin!
People bringing their household garbage and waste here to get rid of it at a cost.
Then they drive away with their hearts "full of evil garbage" that they should take to The Cross!
How about you today as you get closer to the end of this rhyme?
Are you living for yourself, for the pleasures of sin, and wasting precious time?
Is your life "self serving" and a complete unchristlike, immoral mess?
Or are you a child of God, born again, forgiven, saved, and blessed?
Next time you take garbage to the local dump to give it a throw away toss!
Think about that garbage/sin you may have in your heart, and take it to the foot of that Old Rugged Cross!
This rhyme is a warning from God and could be "your" last and final call!
The Holy Bible teaches that a life lived without Jesus Christ is the "GREATEST  WASTE" of all!
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 5/31/2019

squander, fritter away, misspendmisuse, spend recklessly, throw away, lavish, be wasteful with, dissipate, spend like water, throw around like confetti; 
go through, run through, exhaust,draindeplete, burn up, use up,consume
an act or instance of using or expending something carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.


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