by Lewis E. Thomas


Unseen and deadly, I am the enemy of every soul.
Never tiring or letting up on the young or the old.
Found in church often sitting cozy with a grudge!
Outstanding in my ability to take root and not budge!
Reigning since I worked with Cain's hate to kill Able.
Growing roots in your heart as you pray at your table.
I will cause untold multitudes to eternally burn!
Vigilance against me is something fools never learn!
Enslaving to all souls who come under my spell.
Nothing but love can stop me as the Bible does tell.
Ending this riddle God is warning you one last time!
Search Matthew 18 for clues to solving this rhyme!
Some will discover my identity which is hidden within these lines.
Lewis E. Thomas as given by God on 7/2/2009
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This poem was inspired by the actions of two loved relatives.
The "answer" is revealed in the first letters of each line added together moving downward.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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