by Lewis E. Thomas

One day in the future we will all appear before "THE GREAT WHITE THRONE of GOD" above!
We will "all kneel and bow" before the KING of kings to be "JUDGED"!
When God looks back at our lives one by one!
Will we be praised or condemned for the things that we've done?
When God opens "THE BOOK OF LIFE" will our name be written therein?
If our name "IS NOT THERE" it will mean that we were never "BORN AGAIN"!
When God looks back over the history of our daily deeds..
Will He find that we were sowing good, or bad seeds?
When God looks back over all of our days lived on the earth...
Will He see a day when we embraced THE CROSS and believed on His Son's virgin birth?
When God looks back over the way we lived our lives each day...
Will He see that we walked in the STRAIGHT AND NARROW WAY?
Will He smile on us as He reviews how we spent our time?
Let us all ask "ourselves" these questions as I close this rhyme!
When it's our time to be "JUDGED" by THE GREAT I AM!
Will He see that you and I have been washed in the precious blood of "THE LAMB"?
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 7/1/2019


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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