Lost Memories.....Perishing Hope
by Linda Jackson

Many are like reeds in a sun baked marsh

Their memories of God bleached and faded

Trust becomes tangled in webs of lies

Sticky threads which bind, some self created

Wicked minds wrap their desires around desolate thoughts

Shoots of life turn to dust, ignoring the cost

Knowing only a love, dry and barren of Truth

When wicked is planted, wicked is produced

and spawns

Lost Memories.....Perishing Hope


God won't support evil doers, shame will be their clothing

Their webbed houses torn

Sight failing, ears no longer hear warnings

Some believe the prideful lie

"There is no God"

Mouths full of curse and deceit

They lurk, like lions hiding in the brush

The weak minded, easely crushed

Whispered dark words

"God has forgotten"

"Has hidden His face"

"He will never see the evil we do"

dragging others into

Lost Memories.....Perishing Hope


Joy and satisfaction fills the heart of those who have hope in You, Lord

But those who have known and forgotten only trust in self

Lives slowly withering of strength, easily bored

Wandering aimlessly as they party and plan

Their expectations high for a short time

Realizing hopelessness, their world crumbles where they stand

Deep down are they able to remember?

Do they cry?

"Where is my hope?"

"Who can comfort?"

"Does anyone care?"


Do they smugly say

"What is my crime?"

Are friends also blinded by this deceitful light?

which will not shine on

Lost Memories.....Perishing Hope


Lord You will not forget or forsake Your children

Does Your heart yearn?

Like a mother, compassionate eyes watching

If only they would recall and stumble back to You

Deep down they know but refuse

Choices, plans, manipulations, all used to build a house of "want"

A foundation that slides as depression rains

The ground once a solid Rock, sinks in a quicksand of pain

overwhelming, no thoughts of

Lost Memories.....Prishing Hope


Prodical children joining the world, their lives continually used

Some return to the thoughts of their Father, who will never abuse

Others ignore discipline and grasp the "I can"

Filth filling their lives, lonely, rejected

Deep down failure is expected

Hidden are the desires of once trusting in You

One time knowing hope when life was hard

They no longer walk with You in one accord

Are Your eyes heavy with grief as they fall to the ground?

Then a deep sigh, maybe just one

for an instant remembering

Lost Memories.....Perishing Hope


Getting up from the dirt

Going toward the whispered call of a Father

Recognizing how evil has worked

Wanting to ask for what isn't expected, forgiveness

Seeing a Father's light shine down a long dark road

He wraps with a robe to keep out the cold

The sign of a royal child, a given ring

Shoes to protect on rocky slopes

A returning child, joyful hearts sing

feasting on

Restored Memories of Living Hope


Job 8:11-22;17:15;27:8;41:9; Ps 10:5-11;31:24;33:18;39:7;42:5;

Prv 10:28;11:7;13:12; Lam 3:18; Is 49:14-15; Lk 15:11-32


My name is Linda Jackson. I am a blessed wife, mother and grandmother.  I am a Biblical counselor and teacher to women in jail.  I also teach kindergarten Sunday school.  I enjoy writing, playing in the yard with my plants and doing cross stitch while watching football.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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