Values of Virtue
by Sonja Mattison

Psalms 37:7 tells us to wait patiently. It simply states, “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not thyself because of him who prosper in his way because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 teaches us about time. It states, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:” Patience relies on time, and to stand the test of time, patience is needed.

   Because time is always present, it still can seem to be stalling in some cases, especially when we desire things to happen. It can also appear that things are going too fast. Whatever pace time is going, fast or slow, it is flowing throughout the universe. We cannot control time even with planning. The past, present, and future are all impossible to manipulate. The past has happened, the present is happening, and the future will happen. There are gaps filled in between them called “time.” These spaces must be filled with life occurrences so that we can continue the cycle of life from life to death and death to life. There is an art to managing these gaps. It is called patience.

            To get from one point to another, we must be conscientious of how to move gracefully with time. For instance, we all have a past that cannot be changed. For example, if we once attended high school and chose to overlook our education, and instead succumbed to laziness and truancy, then we will have missed out on valuable information that could have enlightened us for the future, but unfortunately cannot be relived. Despite that fact that we were not able to reverse or change our past, progress could still be made if we were to move forward such as pursuing our studies later.

   When the clock is ticking in life, opportunities are also present. This gives us time to take advantage of what we want to accomplish in life not limited to success or monetary prosperity, but love and knowledge on a wide spectrum. There is an array of opportunities in life, but we are not able to experience them all because there is not enough time for our human lives, which is why we must be patient and careful how and with whom we spend our time.

   Every day when we awake, regardless of whether our days always seem the same or stagnant, such as going to work, or staying at home, or just drifting, time is upon us. Amongst that time, moments are calculating by the seconds, minutes, hours, and days. As they accumulate, time keeps going. Amid time, events must continue to fill the gaps of time, but also, fulfillment and gratitude must be included to balance the essence of time. We cannot control time; therefore, we should listen to our inner voice, and GOD, so that he can guide us him so that our past, present, and future will flow in sequential order. God is a patient Supreme Being who can guide all of us through universal time that he makes perfect – not too fast or slow. 



Sonja Mattison currently resides in Clarkston, Georgia. She is an inspirational writer and the author of Thoughts of Mattii40. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.

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