Keys to Developing a Daily Spiritual Routine
by stephanie reck


Having a morning ritual that prioritizes spending time with God is the most important key to developing a daily spiritual routine.


A morning routine consists of the top 5 things that you do consistently first thing in the morning.


My top 5 morning routines are:


  1. Have a cup of coffee and watch something inspirational/motivational while I drink my coffee.
  2. Exercise, I alternate between walking and running.
  3. Make a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie and take my vitamins.
  4. Say declarations and positive affirmations over myself.
  5. Spend time with God, reading the Word, praying, worshiping, journaling and/or just sitting still in the presence of God.


I make sure spending time with God is my top priority for the day, and as a result my day tends to go smoother. I used to be hit and miss with spending time with God, but I soon realized having a daily practice of spending time with God before my day gets going is imperative for me not to operate in my flesh as much. I don’t know about you but I need to lay burdens down that I have been carrying, the cares and concerns I have and I need the direction of the Holy Spirit-everyday.


Listed below I give keys that will help you to develop a daily spiritual routine. I use these keys in my own life and I know that they work:


  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed at a decent time so that you wake-up early to spend time with God before your day starts.
  2. Prepare your work clothes, lunch, coffee, etc. the night before so that when you get up in the morning that will be one less thing that you have to do.
  3. Have a morning routine. Don’t just get up and fumble around. Not having a routine will ensure that your time with God will be inconsistent. List the top 5 things you do in the morning and make sure one of those is spending time with God.
  4. Don’t check your phone, emails or social media when you get up in the morning. Wait until you have spent time with God and then you will be ready to tackle those missed texts and emails. Checking your phone and social media can be a distraction that can take valuable time from you spending time with God.
  5. Have a room or set aside a place that you go to every morning to meet with God. Have your Bible, pen, and journal already in the place that you plan on meeting with God. If you get texts and email alerts on your iPad, I would advise not bringing that devise into the place you plan on meeting with God, and keep your phone out of the area you plan on spending time with God. Of course you can turn off your iPad and phone or put them on silent. I tend to find that I cannot have any electronic devices around me when I am spending time with God because I end-up looking up the weather or just whatever hits me to look up.
  6. You may have to get up before your children, spouse or anyone else in your home to get quiet time with God. If you wait until everyone is up in your home before you spend time with God, it most likely will be distracted time, or you may find you have to tend to the needs of your family so spending time with God has to wait.


Spending daily time with God will be well-worth any investments that you have to make to your schedule. Not only will your day go smoother, but you won’t be as weighted down by carrying any burdens or cares that you may have. You can gain wisdom, insight and revelation into those situations in your life that you need help with by asking the Holy Spirit to guide you each morning with perhaps a big project at work or with your children.



Reflect and respond:


  1. What can you implement today to start spending daily time with God? How will you adjust your schedule?
  2. What would be the benefits to spending daily time for God for you?



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Stephanie R. Reck, LMSW, LBT, BCCC
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