Don't Wear That!
by Tonja Taylor

Don't put that around her neck; throw it away right now! I heard God say to my heart. 

I was a bit surprised; I had just sat down with my husband to pray for the evening. We had returned minutes before from a Christmas party at an acquaintances of his, and at the party they'd been giving away strings of brightly-colored beads. I had picked up one for our daughter, who was about 10 years old.

Through growing closer to the LORD the past few years, I had learned better to hear His voice, and I knew that was Him. I knew immediately that He was talking about the beads I'd gotten at the party. 

"I've got to throw those beads away righit now!" I told my husband. "Just a minute." 

I got up, took the beads, and took them to the trash can outside the house. I bound any demonic forces that must have been attached to them--in the Name of Jesus. 

"Thank You, LORD! Thank You for keeping me from giving her those!"

God is faithful forever; I found out shortly after that that they were Mardi Gras beads, and that is one of the most demonic "celebrations" there is--totally against our true and holy God, the LORD Jesus Christ. So the beads had been a plant by the enemy, and I had no doubt that there was at least one demonic force attached to them that would have put an unseen but very real chain around my darling daughter's neck.

Even though I know I had led her to the LORD, and she loved Jesus and going to church and hearing the Word and singing praise and worship, what was attached to those beads would have harmed her spiritually--and perhaps more. 

The enemy works mostly through ignorance. If we don't know something will hurt us, it can--except for the mercy and grace of the protection of God. God is faithful and helps us all He can, but just like when we tell our kids not to do something that may seem so fun and harmless to them, they can hurt themselves if they do it anyway.

I had learned the hard way that certain books and movies and magazines and objects and jewelry could have wrong forces attached to them, and I'd had to repent for wasting money and opening the door to the enemy on many such items through the years.

(After years of such, I finally learned to ask the LORD before I bought something to show me whether it was all right with Him or not for me to have it.  If I could not get total peace, I didn't buy it, or do it. He loves me and He knows all things!) 

I used to make fun of things I now know to be true, i.e., that demonic forces can be attached to objects such as jewelry and clothes and such.  I even witnessed that when my daughter was 7 or so, and I put a tee shirt someone gave me that said, "Rebellious kitty" on it. She started acting so bad I made her take the shirt off and I threw it away!

We don't go around in fear; not at all. If we are born again by our faith in the Blood of Christ, then we have major protection. We also have Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Holy Spirit Who leads us into all Truth inside of us. 

So, He leads us by peace. He loves us and does not want us to suffer. He knows all things. He is patient and kind, but He loves us. Most of the things I'd had to get rid of because I'd been ignorant about them. One example was, when my daughter was 4, an acquaintance had given me a real sword. I'd been fascinated with swords, especially seeing them as a physical representation of the Sword of the Spirit--the Word of God. 

However, the enemy loves to trick us. Anyway, shortly after I got the sword, I had a week of nightmares. I was a single divorced mom at the time, and it was just me and my darling daughter. She did not seem disturbed, praise the LORD. But I knew something was wrong, and that it probably had to do with something in my house. So I asked Him about it, and He let me know it was the sword.

As much as I thought it was cool, I knew it had to go. I repented of allowing the wrong spirit(s) into my house, and got rid of the sword, by destroying it and getting it out of the house. (Note: If the LORD shows me a demonic force is attached to something, I don't just pass it on. I destroy it! I don't want anyone else being negatively affected by such!).

Later, I had more challenges with disturbances in my emotions and such, and asked the LORD to reveal what was going on. I was in the same house. This time, after I put my baby to bed (I was a divorced single mom at the time, and she had her own bedroom.), I asked the LORD to help her sleep, then I turned up the praise music and prayed in the Holy Spirit intensely for about half an hour, as I walked back and forth and asked the LORD to reveal to me what the enemy did not want me to see.

As I walked back toward my bedroom, I suddenly understood. His Spirit pointed out a picture I had on my wall. My brother had drawn it, a representation of me on a beach, writing, with a loose page blowing in the wind. It didn't seem like it would have a demonic force attached to it, but I knew the LORD was pointing it out, and I was determined to obey Him. I took it out of the frame--and underneath it was another picture my brother had drawn, which I'd forgotten about: a picture of me, cavorting with fairies and elves! That picture was what the demonic force was attached to! 

I tore it out and bound the demonic forces attached to it, in the Name of Jesus, and told them to leave! I felt a physical lifting! 

After that, I had no more such disturbances!

Fast forward again. When my daughter was 11 or so, my husband (I remarried when she was 7) and she and I moved to the city. Although I had intended to make her wait a couple more years before she got into video games, my brother gave her one. A certain game disturbed me a bit; it had a monkey "stealing" little kids and I didn't like it. But I was busy, and thought, Oh, it'll be okay. 

I should have realized that the disturbance in my spirit was the sweet Holy Spirit Who knows all things trying to tell me it was not okay. 

That night, about 4 a.m., she started vomiting, and no matter what I did--even though I was praying and pleading the Blood of Jesus--she kept vomiting. I was rebuking the enemy and thought I may have to take her to the hospital.

I cried out to the LORD for wisdom, and He was faithful to give me revelation--that there was a demonic force attached to that game. There is a curse listed in the Old Testament about one's children being stolen from them, and I believe that was what the demonic force was attached to. My daughter had grown up with me explaining that, as the LORD revealed things to me that offended Him (which meant that, somehow, they could hurt or hinder us), we would have to get rid of certain things. She was brave about such, and had always cooperated well. And I would buy her something else she wanted to replace it. 

So, I told my darling suffering daughter what the LORD showed me. I got the Nintendo player and pulled out the game, then took it and smashed it, repenting for allowing it, and rebuking the enemy and taking authority over the dark force and told it to leave, in the Name of Jesus. I took the smashed game and threw it out the door. 

Her vomiting stopped immediately, and she slept well after that.

A few yaers later, when my daughter was a teen, my brother took a trip out of the country and brought her a gift. “It costs quite a bit to have this pendant made with Tori’s name in the ancient Mayan language,” my brother told me.

“Thanks for thinking of us,” I said, to be polite. I had no peace about it at all. While I appreciated the expense and trouble and thoughtfulness of my brother, I was also spiritually discerning enough to know that I was not about to ever let my daughter, a chosen and anointed child of the living God, to wear it.

I knew already that the Mayans worshipped idols and unless the artist was a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, he had the wrong spirit when he made the thing.

God (Elohim) is the Creator, and every creative force comes from Him. However, the enemy perverts the creative force of God, and that is why there are evil works, and why evil forces are able to attach to certain works--because of an evil or unclean spirit attached to certain artists.

As Exodus 30:30-35 proves, the LORD filled certain people with His Spirit so they could properly do artistic works of various kinds for the temple. Of course the enemy fills people who are not born again with his evil perverted spirit and uses the creative power given to them by God, to attach his evil spirit to their work, to try to hurt and hinder people, especially Believers. 

But, the LORD gave me wisdom, and much hurt and hindrance has been prevented in our lives because of His goodness to warn us. 

Ask the LORD before you buy something or receive a gift from someone, and even today ask Him Who loves you so much if there is anything in your house or that you and your kids are wearing that offends Him and is giving the enemy place in your lives to hurt and hinder you. Especially if you are having troubled sleep or wrong behavior in yourself or your kids, it could be that the enemy has an open door of attachment to an object or clothing. (Sometimes we just need to control our flesh. But sometimes the demonic junk is real and we can repent for it and rebuke the enemy and cast him out in the Name of Jesus--always in the Name of Jesus, not in ourselves!).

The LORD our Father (for those who know Christ Jesus as Savior and LORD) is good and gracious and He will help us, for Jesus died that we would be free! 


Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series. She and her husband Clayton minister the Word through teaching, preaching, and the arts, through River Rain Ministries/Creative Arts on You Tube, God Tube), their church, and beyond.

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