20 Ways to be a More Victorious Christian
by Tonja Taylor

Put your name in the blank, speak these Scriptures about yourself daily and watch as, over time, you will see the fruit of your words! The Word of God is ALIVE and ACTIVE, POWERFUL, and will always give us the victory! The Word of God WILL shape your soul (mind, will, emotions)--your life--for Him.  Keep the faith, speak these daily, and REJOICE!

1. I, __________, abhor evil and cling to what is good. I hate wickedness and love righteousness, and the LORD has anointed me with the oil of joy above my peers. I am not overcome with evil; I overcome evil with good.

2. God has given me, ___________, the capacity to hear and obey His law, a more valuable service than burnt offerings and sin offerings, which He does not require (Psalm 40:6).

3. The law of God is in my heart, none of my steps shall slide.

4. As for me, ____________, the LORD blesses me and keeps me; the LORD turns His face to me and is gracious to me; the LORD lifts up His face to me and give me peace. (Numbers 6:24-26, the Priestly Blessing)

5. I, ____________, keep myself pure and unspotted from the world. I do not engage in the things of this world, but I am spiritually minded and not carnally minded.

6. I, ______________, walk by faith and not by sight. (As Joyce Meyers says, say, “I trust God totally!”)

7. The love of me, _____________, abounds more and more in knowledge and all discernment, and I approve the things that are excellent (those things that please God).

8. I, _______________, worship the LORD in spirit and in truth.

9. I, ____________, hear God’s voice and another I will not follow.

10. I, ______________, possess myself (my body, my flesh) with dignity and honor. Strength and dignity are my clothing, and I smile at the future, for my position is strong and secure (Proverbs 31).

11. I, _____________, am the head and not the tail; the lender and not the borrower; above only and not beneath. I owe no man anything but to love him.

12. No weapon formed against me, ____________, shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against me in judgment, I shall show to be in the wrong, for the LORD has justified me. (Isaiah 54)

13. I, _____________, have received Jesus as my Savior, and because of my faith in what His blood did for me on the cross, I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

14. The LORD delights in me, _____________, because I hope in Him and fear Him.

15. To me, ____________, the pure, all things are pure.

16. Blessed am I, ____________, in whom there is no guile, no treachery, and no deceit. I treasure truth in the inward parts, and lying lips are far from me.

17. I, _____________, know the Truth and the Truth makes and keeps me free (John 8:32)! There is no going into captivity for me, no cry of distress in my streets, no breaching of walls. For blessed am I of whom this is true; blessed am I whose God is the LORD!

18. I, ______________, am more than a conquerer through Christ Who loves me, for the victory that overcomes the world is my faith.

19. I, ____________, find my life work early; I throw off every weight and run with perseverance the race God has for me. I hit the mark and finish strong.

20. I, ___________, know and believe the love God has for me. I believe God and it is counted to me for righteousness.

Search the Word to find more Scriptures to claim! You can take almost any verse and make it a personal proclamation. But pray first--the LORD knows what He wants you to speak over you’re your life! His Word never returns empty, but accomplishes that for which He sends it, AMEN!




Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series. She and her husband Clayton minister the Word through teaching, preaching, and the arts, through River Rain Creative Arts (You Tube, God Tube), their church, and beyond.

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